When it comes to wood fencing, chances are good that you can think of a couple of examples. Wood privacy fence might be one, as might traditional picket fencing. You may even think of split rail fencing. However, there are many others. Of those, wood round rail fencing is one of the best options available, particularly for those who need to fence rural property like a horse paddock.

What Is Wood Round Rail Fencing?

Really, the name says it all. Round rail fencing is made with, well, round wooden rails. This type of fencing is also called “post and rail”. In construction and design, it’s similar to split rail fencing, but instead of using raw, split timber, it uses round rails that are smooth on all sides. The uprights/posts that support the rails are also round. What benefits can you find from post and rail construction, though?Round rail wood fence


One of the most important considerations with round rail fencing is the improved safety offered. If you’re using barbed wire or even wire mesh fencing, then you are putting your horses in danger. Metal fencing is terribly dangerous for horses, as well as for other animals like cattle, sheep, goats and the like. Sharp edges on the metal T posts can cut, and barbs can rip through their hide and into flesh. Even wire mesh fencing can be damaging. With wood round rail fencing, you don’t have to worry about that danger.


When it comes to good looks, barbed wire and wire mesh fencing have little to offer. They’re utilitarian, even ugly. Wood round rail fencing, on the other hand, is rustic and can be quite beautiful. It can add a touch of rustic charm to any area, while still providing protection and sturdy performance.two rail wood round rail


Round rail fencing is some of the most durable on the market. This is particularly true of fencing treated with a new copper naphthenate pressure treatment method. This ensures that your wood fence looks great for years to come, while also maintaining its structural rigidity and strength, and resisting moisture and even the incursion of wood-boring insects.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits to be found with wood round rail fencing. Now you just need to decide if you would be better served by two rail or three rail fencing.