We love to keep animals in the backyard.

It is an American tradition from the frontier days and a skill we inherit from our parents. Be it keeping chickens, a couple of ponies or even a goat there is nothing like the sight of an animal in the backyard.

In closer urban districts we may only have the family pet such as a cat or dog to keep us company.

What is essential is keeping the animals safe. You do not want them wandering into the neighbor’s yard. Neither do you want them on a dangerous highway. The problem of theft is a big one in some areas.

At Fence Supply Online we regularly get queries from clients looking for help with fencing for backyard animals.

With this in mind, we asked our experts for advice on fencing ideas.

The ideas for backyard animal fencing they came up with include:

  • Black vinyl privacy keeps pets safe
  • A rail fence looks great
  • Wooden fences for the dog run
  • A sturdy gate is essential
  • Bury the fence deep
  • High fences for jumpers

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Black vinyl privacy keeps pets safe

The vinyl privacy fence will stop the dogs, cats or other small animals from escaping.

When they cannot see what is on the other side, the temptation to run off goes away.

The dog will not bark at passersby, or be disturbed by other pets in the neighborhood.

A quality black vinyl privacy fence will keep the animals in your backyard safe.

At Fence Supply Online we are happy to link up with BLACKline to offer their products to our customers.

Black vinyl from BLACKline will not fade or deteriorate over the years, and maintenance costs are low.

A rail fence looks great

Many of our clients have large backyard areas and keep a variety of animals.

For bigger ones such as horses, a rail fence is ideal for letting them roam free.

A wooden cedar split-rail looks excellent on the property and allows easy access for the owner.

Vinyl rail fences come in a choice of colors, and it is a good idea to use one which does not blend into the background.

Fences need to durable, as the bigger animals will rub and bounce off them. Height is also a consideration as a jumper might break free.

Vinyl fences for the dog run

If you are keeping a dog outside for part of the day, you should install a dog run.

Just an area where they can run free, and not do damage to other parts of the garden.

Clients often use vinyl fences for a dog run, so Buster won’t chew his way through the posts, as can happen with wood.

A picket fence may look good for the smaller dogs, and you can keep an eye on them when they are out.

Puppy Panels on a fence will stop the younger ones running away.

If you are using wood, remember to put our Fence Armor around the posts, to stop the dogs chewing them.

A sturdy gate is essential

Remember to include a gate in your plans.

You will need to get in and out of the backyard, and you will need to move the animals from time to time.

A self-closing gate with a self-locking mechanism will make sure you don’t forget to close it behind you.

Use a sturdy gate, consider vinyl with wood fencing or even an iron or aluminum gate for enclosures with livestock.

A gate can be a weak point, but it need not be.

Bury the fence deep

Every fence should be as close to the ground as possible to stop dogs from escaping when you are not looking.

If you are using a vinyl privacy fence, it is a good idea to bury the foot of the panels.

Alternatively, you can use a concrete barrier about one-foot down and one-foot wide.

This will stop the smaller animals from burrowing out, or even unwanted ones from getting into the yard.

Any wood going into or near the ground needs to be treated in advance, to prevent rotting or termites from getting into it.

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