Have you a broken wrought iron gate?

A crack in the decorative wrought iron, or maybe a piece or two fell off over the years?

These are common problems with a broken wrought iron gate, but there are solutions.

At Fence Supply Online get a few clients with a broken wrought iron gate who call us for advice.

Our experts know a lot about wrought iron and the topic came up recently over the morning coffee.

They agreed on a few points and not so much on others.

A plan on how to address the problems was the outcome.

To troubleshoot a broken wrought iron gate, we recommend:

  • Using an epoxy solution on the wrought iron gate
  • Fixing with wire is an old-fashioned way
  • Replacing the broken panels on the broken wrought iron gate
  • Putting a good maintenance plan in action
  • Buying a new wrought iron gate

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Using an epoxy solution on the wrought iron gate

Epoxy is probably one of the few readily available bonding agents to do the job.

It is strong, weather-proof and easy to work with on a project.

Clean the area around the break or large crack on the wrought iron gate. Remove the paint and any rust or long-term dirt, from the iron gate.

Follow the instructions to make up the solution. Apply it to the two broken ends and clamp them together.

When the join is dry you may sand off the excess epoxy and paint over the patch of wrought iron.

It may be a good time to do a total repaint job on the old gate.

Fixing with wire is an old-fashioned way

Sometimes the old ways are the best.

Fixing the break with strong, garden wire is a temporary measure, but it can do an excellent permanent job too.

With the help of a second pair of hands, push the broken edges of the wrought iron gate together. Start at one end and tightly wrap the wire over the break until secure. If possible overlap the break a few times.

When you are happy with the join, you can paint it.

Using wire, before a crack develops into a break can work well.

Replacing the broken panels on the wrought iron gate

It may be a drastic solution, but our experts think it’s a good way to save an old wrought iron gate.

There are craftsmen popping up all over the country right now, offering skills such as working with wrought iron and doing repairs.

If there is one in your area, give them a call.

They may be delighted to work with an old gate and restore it to its former glory.

A repaired gate, painted and set back in position will quickly look just right on your property.

Putting a good maintenance plan in action

Another idea which got universal approval.

If you have a wrought iron gate, or fence, on the property then looking after it is the best policy.

After all, prevention is better than the cure.

Draw up a maintenance plan and stick to it.

Clean the gate regularly with warm soapy water. Scrub off any dirt which can do damage. Remove ivy and moss.

Give the gate a good going over with sandpaper and a fresh coat of paint as often as possible.

Pay particular attention to rust and treat all rust spots immediately.

Use a silicone lubricant on the hinges and lock mechanism.

Buying a new wrought iron gate

This should be the last alternative.

If the wrought iron gate is beyond repair, then replace it with a new one.

Buy one from your fence supplier and try match the old gate if possible

Once the wrought iron gate is in place, start thinking about maintenance and how you should keep it looking like new.

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