There are a lot of options and places to buy vinyl fence both online and in stores. If you think there are lots of options on that side of the equation, you should see how many there are that manufacture vinyl fence in the US and dozens more that import it.

Quick Tips to Buy Vinyl Fence

  1. Buy American made products. It is not as easy as it seems, there is a very large number of extruders overseas that import in bulk to the US. The slick advertising and trendy websites do not reveal the true origin of the vinyl.Vinyl scallop fence
  2. Can I get replacement parts? This is the saddest phone call I get at Fence Supply Online. They had a tornado, hail storm or drunk driver take out the fence. And now need replacement parts. Except the problem is that they bout a foreign made product that nobody else has in stock. The extruders overseas ship a 40ft container to the US, after it is sold, the local distributor has to order another complete container that takes 8weeks to get to the US. Much less the transport to the distributor and unpacking. Now they have a fence that can’t be matched up. So the entire fence must be replaced. That cheap fence isn’t so cheap now.

Don’t cut corners when you buy vinyl fence

  1. Get help with the layout. You probably don’t lay out a fence line every day like I do. So why not let a pro take a look at it. A Vinyl post is not universal like a Wood post or an Ornamental Iron fence post. The Vinyl Post come in the following versions, Line post is the most common. 85% of your fence will be line post. Its the post that makes up the straight line of the fence. Corner posts are used for making a 90-degree turn. You can have a 10% variation on that 90 but by enlarge should be for true right angles. End posts are for when the fence comes to a dead stop. A dead stop can be at a building, property line, another fence, or even a Gate. An End post can become any other post with a saw in a pinch. Three-way posts are rare but serve a valuable purpose. They create a “T” where the fence. if a property needs to be divided into sections, a three-way post in the line of the perimeter will allow a “T” and not require an additional post next to the existing fence.
  2. Buy a little extra. Mishaps happen, whether, on install or an act of God, accidents can damage a post or rail. Buying exactly enough just doesn’t work out. Shipping individual parts via UPS is possible but remember these are Big, Hollow, Plastic, Tubes. Freight penalties are pretty high for them. They take up a lot of room and do not weight much.

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Vinyl Fence Buyers Guide