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Decorative fences will limit access to a property. The old story that just because something is beautiful does not mean it isn’t strong rings true here. A decorative fence serves many purposes, and one of them is limiting access to your property.

At Fence Supply Online we often get calls from people looking to limit access to their property. A sturdy, tall fence is the obvious answer. The problem can be that the right fence may be wrong for your backyard. It can turn a fun spot into a prison yard very quickly. Side-effects such as restricting light and fresh air can kill plant life and ruin an established yard.

The decorative fence is the answer. It can serve many purposes, and limiting access while enhancing the property is one of them. Security is the utmost in many people’s minds these days, so we put a few ideas together to help with limiting access to your property.

Included on our list of tips for decorative fence uses are:

  • Just what is a decorative fence?
  • Security comes with a decorative fence
  • How to limit access with a decorative fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Just what is a decorative fence?

There are many decorative fences in our range. It is often up to the client to choose what is best for their property.

The vinyl privacy fence adds security while also improving the garden area. The secure fence limits access but also stops people from seeing what’s on your property. When the bad guy cannot see what is on the other side, he will think twice about coming over.

Our vinyl privacy fences are very decorative. You can have a trellis or a picket style top, which adds a lovely style to the property. They are also difficult to climb, do not break or crack under pressure and will stay strong for many years.

Take a look at our range for more ideas.

Security comes with a decorative fence

There is not any need to sacrifice your security just because you want to look at a beautiful fence. It will surprise you how much security a decorative fence will bring to your property.

Our range of iron and aluminum fencing makes the point perfectly. Made from the best of products at American factories, you can rely on metal fencing. The iron fencing is powder-coated at the factory and will not rust. You can even choose a color to match your garden. Aluminum will not rust and needs little maintenance.

Iron and aluminum fences are easy to assemble. The unique bracket system we supply allows you to install a decorative fence in a very short time.

Security comes from the fences being difficult to scale, cut, and not breaking under any impact.

How to limit access with a decorative fence

One of the easiest ways is by the height of a good fence. A tall fence is always difficult to climb, and modern vinyl, iron, and aluminum look great on the property.

You will want to access your property, and a gate is the only way with a tall, secure fence. Installing a gate with a self-closing mechanism and a self-locking lock keeps the property access under your control.

Security lighting around the fence allows you to see what is happening after the sun goes down. You can see who’s at the gate or who’s trying to slip over in the dark.

Our range of lighting is simple to install and adds another beautiful touch to the fence.

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