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Yes is the simple answer to this question, a fence will add value to your home.

There is a caveat though, and it is that not every fence will do the job for a positive bank balance.

The quality of the fence, the material used in construction, the style and design along with regular maintenance will determine the value. Not any old fence around the yard is going to make prospective buyers throw more money at you.

A client recently was worried about investing in a good fence and was skeptical about any long-term benefits. A little list of how fencing increases the value of the home helped changed the client’s mind.

Our list of reasons why fencing can increase the value of your home includes:

  • A good fence looks great
  • Fencing means security
  • A fence completes the property
  • The well-maintained fence needs little investment
  • Constructing and planning are not an issue

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

A good fence looks great

Only when you build and maintain a fence do you appreciate how great it looks on the property.

The style should match that of your home and garden plan, complementing the work you put into the house

The good fence will catch the eye for the right reasons and not take away from the home.

An old, falling down one can do the opposite

Always look after your fence and invest in it over the years.

Fencing means security

Security is a vital asset to a homeowner.

When you build a tall, sturdy and robust fence on your property, you are protecting your home.

A prospective buyer will see that the home is secure and that the fence protects it.

A privacy fence shows the visitors that the garden and yard is a safe place for the kids to play and is free of the prying eyes of neighbors.

Fencing can also lead to a reduction in your home insurance premium, a fact you should mention to the couple looking to buy.

A fence completes the property

Without a fence your backyard and front lawn may look, well, a bit bare.

The fence is like a frame on a painting, it completes the property and accentuates the best parts of it.

You can grow flowers, shrubs, trees and climbing vines through and around a fence, which will make the garden area look pretty in the spring, summer, and fall.

A picket fence is such a traditional look that everyone loves the sight of one in the yard.

A gate can be the focal point of the fence, welcoming guests and family onto the property.

The well-maintained fence needs little investment

When you build the fence don’t just walk away and leave it to its own devices for the next few years.

Draw up a maintenance plan and do all the repairs, painting, treating and sealing to keep the fence looking good.

Seeing an old, falling down fence around a property could be worse than not even having one.

The fence will add value to your home, but only if you look after it.

Constructing and planning are not an issue

You can be sure that it will please the buyer when they first visit your property if you already have a fence in place.

It means they do not have to go to the trouble of building one, of trying to get planning or find the right construction firm to do the work.

Having one less thing to worry about is always going to add value when you’re looking to buy a property.

Tell prospective buyers when the fence went up and how much it has added to the garden since.

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