Special Care Tips For Iron Fencing

Your Iron fencing is sturdy and may seem indestructible but it still needs some care and attention.

In order to maintain the strength and appearance of your iron fencing, follow these special care tips:

  • Regularly Inspect Your Fencing
  • Regularly Clean Your Fencing
  • Remove Vegetation From Around Fencing
  • Address Damage Early

Regularly Inspect Your Fencing

We have all heard the saying that “Prevention is better than cure”.

When it comes to your iron fence, preventing damage is definitely easier than curing it.

Although you may pass your Fence on a regular basis, you may not see minor damage from a distance.

A regular inspection schedule can save minor issues escalating.

During your inspection pay particular attention to signs of:

  • Cracks in the metal work
  • Signs of roust,
  • Lose or flaky paint
  • Loose metal work
  • Broken Welds
  • Hinges Working Properly

After periods of extreme weather, inspect your fence even if this occurs outside your regular inspection schedule.

Rust spots on Iron fence

Look for rust spots on your iron fence to sand off the rust.

Spray a heavy duty matching paint to stop future rust.

Regularly Clean Your Fencing

A heavy downpour of rain may make your iron fence look shiny from a distance. Close up you can see that a bit of rain isn’t sufficient.

As with a regular inspection schedule, a regular cleaning schedule is the best way to take care of your fence.

Be aware of any activities (such as chemicals being sprayed on nearby plants or pasture), that may leave residue on your fencing.

If you are suspicious that your fence may have experienced chemicals etc, clean it, even if this occurs outside your regular cleaning schedule.

Cleaning your fence with simple soapy water can help remove a lot of the surface dust or any chemical hazards.

Ensure that you rinse off the soap thoroughly before it dries.

When surface rust appears, soapy water is no longer enough. You need an iron wire brush to remove the rust before it becomes a larger problem.

If left unchecked, rust can act like cancer and spread throughout your fence.

Remove Vegetation From Around Fencing

Although a bit of greenery around your fence may provide some aesthetic value, it can have adverse effects.

The main issue with vegetation around your iron fence is its ability to retain moisture.

All moisture is a hazard to iron fencing and the extra moisture vegetation retains is an extra hazard.

This moisture can cause rust and corrosion.

If you are determined to have vegetation around your iron fence, ensure that you keep it under control.

Prune hedges and cut grass regularly. Ensure a gap is maintained between foliage and the metal.

Pay particular attention to any build-up of leaves in fall. Even if your trees are away from your iron fence, the wind has a habit of moving leaves.

Wet piles of leaves around your iron fencing is a hazard that should be addressed immediately.

Address Damage Early

Damage can occur to your fence in many ways, from freak weather to accidents, misuse or just the passage of time.

However the damage occurs, if you address it quickly enough it can stop a minor issue becoming a major issue.

Damage can range from broken sections of fence to faulty hinges, to small cracks, bubbled paint or rust.

A faulty hinge may be remedied by applying a liberal amount of grease.

For most other damage that has exposed the metal work to the elements, consider rust.

Rust is one of the biggest threats to an iron fence. The best way to avoid rust is to prevent moisture coming into contact with your metal work.

Points to note:

  • Paint or protective coating needs to be maintained and wherever compromised should be fixed.
  • Any holes, cracks or gaps must be filled.
  • Any repairs or welds should be left smooth and clean.
  • Sections of heavy rust damage may need replacement,
  • You must remove any rust before applying paint.
  • Ensure that any paint or primer includes a rust inhibitor and exterior rated.
  • Depending on the paint system applied you may

Final Considerations

Are you considering installing iron fencing or already have iron fencing?

If you follow the tips above, they should save you valuable time and money on your iron fencing.

For further advice contact us now.