Cedar split rail fence

The cedar split rail fence is a classic, traditional American style of fencing.

Cedar split rail fences are popular along property borders and when enclosing pastures. It is a very safe option for keeping horses and livestock. We have many urban clients who love using the beautiful fence around the back yard.

With the correct care, you will get a long life from your cedar split rail fence. At Fence Supply Online our customers are always asking about fence care and maintenance. Care can be a deciding factor in clients choosing one material over another. As with any decision, it is good to know all the facts before making up your mind. With maintenance being a common question, our experts put together one of their lists.

When caring for cedar split rail fences, you should:

  1. Wash the cedar split rail fence regularly
  2. Cut back grass and shrubs
  3. Staining and sealing are crucial
  4. Stick to a maintenance plan

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Wash the cedar split rail fence regularly

A cedar split rail fence can gather dirt, dust and debris during the year. In the dark, damp places, moss can grow where the sun does not shine enough to dry the wood.

Such build-ups on the wood fence can be the perfect spot for pests to grow. Rot can set in, and do a lot of damage.

A regular wash with a power-washer or even the garden hose will make all the difference.

Keeping the wood clean will prolong the life of a cedar split rail fence.

Cut back grass and shrubs

Termites cannot fly, but they can do a lot of damage to a wooden fence. The termites use grass and shrubs as bridges into your fence

They burrow deep into rails and posts, lay their eggs and raise families. These termites will feast on the dry wood, but you will be unaware of them until they leave telltale droppings the next summer. By then it could be too late, and the damage will destroy a quality fence.

Cut back the grass around the posts and keep branches and shrubs away from the rails.

Removing piles of leaves and cuttings nearby will take away another popular spot for termites to thrive.

Staining and sealing are crucial

A key component in any care package is the staining and sealing.

Every fence owner needs to keep on top of this to keep the fence safe from predators. The heat of the summer sun will dry out the wood, causing it to crack. Rain, snow and ice will soak into dry timber causing it to split or break. Any crack in the wood invites termites in to do their worst.

At Fence Supply Online, we stock Stain & Seal Experts products for preserving wood.

Their products soak deep into the wood and protect it from all dangers.

In the early years, you may need to stain and seal the wood annually. As the wood seasons, the need may be less, depending on the quality of the product you use.

Ask an expert for guidance when purchasing the cedar split rail fence.

Stick to a maintenance plan

Draw up a maintenance plan on the day you install the fence.

Included on the plan should be regular inspections, doing repairs, staining and sealing the fence and keeping it clean.

It is a good idea to have an annual plan in place.

What is even more important is sticking to the plan and keeping your fence looking like new.

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