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Fence Armor

7 Tips For Maintaining Your Split Rail Fence

3 rail cedar split rail fence

The beauty of a split rail fence on your property is something every rancher knows well. They also know the importance of maintaining the split rail fence and keeping it like new. At Fence Supply Online we often get inquiries from landowners looking for tips on maintaining a split rail fence. When we are [...]

How To Make Your Wooden Fence Safer For Kids

making a wood fence last longer

Family homeowners love wooden fences. The traditional wooden fence looks great running around the property and who can fault a wooden picket fence in the front garden? A wooden fence speaks of happy childhoods and of having fun in the backyard. Kids though find ways of breaking things. All that rough and tumble can [...]

Tips For Choosing The Right Fence To Keep Your Cat In Your Backyard

is Cat fencing possible

One of our clients called us recently with a common enough pet problem. “How do I keep the cat in the backyard,” the client asked, “she keeps running off on us.” We get this question a lot about dogs and puppies, not so much with cats though, and it got [...]

5 Fence Finishes That Stand The Test Of Time

Crossbuck fence

A fence is only as good as the finish you put on it. For a fence to last test of time, it will need protection from the elements. And you will also want it to look good while doing so. We regularly get clients asking for tips and advice on fence finishes, and they [...]

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Ultimate In Security Fencing For Your Business

Security is so important. It is how you protect your business and the investment you put into it. If you have a warehouse, office building, commercial premises or a shop you need to keep it safe. Building a fence, especially for those parts not always visible from the street, is a big step towards [...]

2018-07-29T12:36:20-05:00July 6th, 2018|Commercial Fence Options, DIY fence installs, Fence Armor, Fence Costs, Iron Fence Maintenance, security fencing, Wrought Iron Fence|Comments Off on Ultimate In Security Fencing For Your Business

6 Ways To Climate Proof Your Fence

We all know the problem. It happens to your fence, your neighbor’s or you’ve seen it when on vacation. All the telltale signs of climate damage. Sunspots, mold, rot, broken rails and plenty of other damage. Prevention is always better than any cure. A little bit of care today will pay you back with [...]

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How to Prolong the Life of Rail Wood Fence

3 rail round rail fence, domed top post, doweled rail fence

Round rail wood and Split rail fence is a beautiful addition to any property. Properly cared for, a wood fence can last for a very long time. However, if you don’t take the right steps, you could find your fence bleached and faded, slowly rotting. Eventually, it will fail completely. Thankfully, there are some simple [...]

2018-07-26T20:51:54-05:00July 8th, 2016|Fence Armor, Wood Fence, Wood Round-Rail Fence, Wood Split-Rail Fence|Comments Off on How to Prolong the Life of Rail Wood Fence