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Removing An Old Fence Safely

Removing an old fence correctly is vital to getting the work done safely. How many times have you heard of accidents when people are working on their fences? Often the injuries or damage happens when someone is removing the old fence. At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions about removing old [...]

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Common Vinyl Fence Installation Mistakes To Avoid

vinyl fence buyers guide

The common vinyl fence installation mistakes apply to all other fence types too. When installing a fence, you should do so with care and always follow the advice of experts. People with experience know what they are talking about with vinyl fence installation. They, no doubt, learn from their mistakes and will help you [...]

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Common Obstacles With Installing Deck Railings

deck railings

Deck railing installation should be an easy DIY job for the weekend. Once you choose your style, size, and color, the rest should be simple to do. There are obstacles, though, and a spanner in the works can make a straightforward job, a not so easy one. As with a lot of DIY work, [...]

How to add 20 years of life to your fence post using PostSaver


Your fence posts are a vital part of the fencing structure. They keep the rails in place, make sure the fence runs straight, and keep it stable during a storm. People often scrimp on the posts but find out their mistake when the fence only lasts a few years. At Fence Supply Online we [...]

The Wrong Applications For A Barbed Wire Fence

barbed wire gets pulled and climbed by vines causing it to fail

A barbed wire fence can cause many problems. The obvious one is how an animal or child can get caught in the sharp barbs. Often there is not any need for one in the first place, and indeed it can be dangerous in the wrong location. In many states and districts, there are local [...]

4 Of The Best Fence Building Hacks Ever

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We all like a few good fence building hacks. It makes doing any job that bit easier, and when it comes to DIY, we all welcome a new hack or two. With fence building, it is not any different. If you are undertaking a new project or trying to finish an existing one, every [...]

Protecting Your Fence For The Winter

winter fence

Protecting your fence for the winter is vital. Any maintenance plan will include protecting your fence for the winter. If you do it properly, you will get many, many years from your fence. You should also protect your fence for all types of weather throughout the [...]

Don’t Forget The Hinges – Size Is Everything

When it comes to the hinges for your gate, size really is everything. Choose the wrong size hinges, and you are choosing to go down the path of trouble. With the wrong ones the gate may not close properly, it may sag, or even fall off the gatepost. At Fence Supply Online we get [...]

5 Tips For Planning Your Next Fencing Project

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Are you planning a fence project? Do you have a few fencing ideas which may look just perfect in the yard? Maybe you have an old fence that could do with replacing? These are some of the questions we know Fence Supply Online customers think of when they are planning a fence. Our experts [...]

The Basics Of Fence Building

Fence building

It is good to get back to the basics of fence building from time to time. Too often,we get caught up with ideas of doing it this way, or that way, but it is good to remind ourselves how to build a fence too. If you ignore the basics of [...]

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