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Pasture Fencing 101: A Guide to Small Paddocks & Large Pastures

2 rail black vinyl fence

What’s the best fencing for pasture? So went a call from one of our long-term clients only last week. They were investing in new fencing around the ranch and wanted to buy a quality product. Experience had taught them to think about the future and only install the best fencing on their property. At [...]

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Is Your Dog a Super Dog? Ways to Keep Fido in the Yard, Without Raising the Fence

Super jumping dog

Dog proofing the yard fence will keep that family pet safe. If you have an open yard area the chances are that Fido will run off after a passing car. He may also follow the neighborhood kids to school or the park and not find his way home. Many people have a barking dog, [...]

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Why Pets Need A Physical Fence Instead Of An Invisible Fence

Your pet needs a physical fence in the yard. There are many reasons why pets prefer the physical fence. Some of the reasons are obvious, but others may surprise you. Most people decide on a physical fence when they understand why pets need one. At Fence Supply Online we get customers who want to [...]

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Types of Split Rail Fencing

Split Rail Fence

Split rail is a beautiful style of fencing to have on your boundary. Take a drive around any American rural neighborhood, and you will see a split rail fence bordering the fields and homes. The style of fence dates from the earliest days of settlers, and the tradition worked its way down the generations. [...]

The Wrong Applications For A Barbed Wire Fence

barbed wire gets pulled and climbed by vines causing it to fail

A barbed wire fence can cause many problems. The obvious one is how an animal or child can get caught in the sharp barbs. Often there is not any need for one in the first place, and indeed it can be dangerous in the wrong location. In many states and districts, there are local [...]

The A to Z Of Rural Fencing

Rural fencing is what fencing is all about. It’s how you protect your livestock, stop horses from rambling, and how you can keep wildlife out of the back yard. At Fence Supply Online we stock a big choice of fencing styles, designs, and materials for rural homeowners and ranchers. We know how important it [...]

Keep Your Puppy Safe With Stylish Puppy Panels For Your Fence

Does your little puppy, or small dog like to slip through the fence? All puppies like to do it but they can land themselves in danger by running away. A puppy may follow the kids and get lost; run in front of a car or someone may steal it. Even if the puppy does [...]

Why Horse Properties Have White Fencing

If you have a favorite TV program set on a ranch, take a look at the fencing next time. It is probably white fencing, stretching out into the distance, keeping the horses in their paddocks. Now that you are noticing the white fencing, you are wondering why it is always white? The question occurred [...]

How To Protect Posts With Fence Armor

Fence Armor

Call us with questions and to receive a quote on your fence project. We are here to help with all your fencing needs. Our Draw It & Quote It software will make planning and quoting your project easy. Fence Armor is an excellent way to protect your [...]

Putting Up A New Fence – How Close To The Property Line?

Tan 4 rail vinyl horse fence

Not too close would be a quick answer. At Fence Supply Online we tell clients putting up a new fence to be very careful, very careful indeed. The property line is a sensitive place. Both neighbors may not precisely know where it is, but as soon as a fence goes up, the maps will [...]

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