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Fence Maintenance – What You Need To Do Yearly

wood picket fence falling apart

Fence maintenance is for life. It is vital to remember this and to draw up a yearly fence maintenance schedule. At Fence Supply Online we are forever telling people to care for their investment in a new fence. We get a lot of questions about doing fence maintenance. Our experts put their heads together [...]

Building A Fence – These Are The Terms You Need To Know

Black stain on a board fence

Do you get blinded by technology? It happens all the time, and I get a bit confused when my kids talk about the latest gadget. Fence building is an old art and people have been closing off their land for centuries. A lot of fence building terms come from the many years of fence [...]

Why Many Stains And Sealers Don’t Stand The Test Of Time

Staining and sealing your fence should be a regular part of your maintenance schedule. The wood needs protecting from rain, wind, ice, damp and the light of the sun. Termites and other insects can make their home in your fence too, eating it from the inside out. The problem a lot of our clients’ [...]

Preparing Your Ground For Post Hole Digging

‘Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail,’ as someone once said. This is so very true when it comes to fencing, and many DIY jobs fail due to a lack of preparation. An essential part of any fencing project is preparing the ground for post hole digging. There are a few parts to [...]

The Difference Between Fencing And Privacy Screens

Privacy fence options

Timtimes @ flickrCC BY 2.5 We all value our privacy but especially in our gardens and backyards. Our clients build privacy fences to keep the neighbors from looking at their homes. They also put up privacy screens around certain spots, just to create a little place of their own. Customers often build [...]

What Types Of Fencing Boosts Your Home’s Value The Most?

White vinyl privacy fence

Quality fencing boosts your home’s value the most. It’s the obvious answer to what is a simple question. While simple solutions are usually the best ones, it’s what lies behind them that is of real value. One person’s quality may not be another’s, but at Fence Supply Online we only sell quality fencing. Period. [...]

Which Types Of Fencing Require The Least Maintenance

3 rail vinyl

How much maintenance is this fence going to need? The question that should be on every homeowner’s mind when they are choosing a new fence. The rancher must be thinking the same, especially as they may have a large area of the property to fence. Another question, following closely, is how much will it [...]

Add A Touch Of Style With A Fence Decorative Cap

Vinyl ball top cap

When designing your fence, think of how it will look when it is in place. Do you want a fence with bare posts, adding nothing to the style of your backyard? At www.shop.fencesupplyonline.com we get a lot of people asking for the best way to smarten up the look of a new fence, or [...]

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Where Should You Use A Semi-Privacy Fence

Semi Privacy Fence

A semi-privacy fence looks the same from both sides. It comprises two lines of fence running in parallel to each other, with the slats attached to the same posts and rails. You buy the fence in panels and assemble the project on your lot. The more ambitious DIYer can build the fence from scratch, [...]

What Is Better To Fence With: Iron Or Aluminum?

What Type Of Fencing Lasts The Longest?

Some people love metal fences. If you are a metalhead is it always iron, or do you go for a bit of aluminum from time to time? For newcomers to the world of fencing, it is a serious consideration. When going for a metal fence, which material is best and what are the benefits [...]

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