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Ornamental Iron Fence

Patio Fencing – The Ultimate In Garden Screening

Choosing The Best Lighting Accessories For Your New Fence

“What’s the best fencing for garden screening?” read a recent email from a client. The client explained that they had quite a big patio but wanted to keep it private from the garden. Fencing can do a great job of screening and looks great around a patio. Our experts had a look at the [...]

Fence Maintenance – What You Need To Do Yearly

wood picket fence falling apart

Fence maintenance is for life. It is vital to remember this and to draw up a yearly fence maintenance schedule. At Fence Supply Online we are forever telling people to care for their investment in a new fence. We get a lot of questions about doing fence maintenance. Our experts put their heads together [...]

Broken Wrought Iron Gate-How To Fix The Problem

Have you a broken wrought iron gate? A crack in the decorative wrought iron, or maybe a piece or two fell off over the years? These are common problems with a broken wrought iron gate, but there are solutions. At Fence Supply Online get a few clients with a broken wrought iron gate who [...]

What You Need To Know About Caring For Your Wrought Iron Fence

Iron fence on a retaining wall

A wrought iron fence will look beautiful on your property. The chances are that it may be in place for many years before you came along. It is the look of the old world and solidity that people find so attractive in a wrought iron fence. How does a wrought iron stay looking good? [...]

Iron Vs. Aluminum – The Durability Advantage

One of our regular clients gave us a call last week. Bill is an iron man, while his brother Tom is more of an aluminum guy. “Help us out here,” he asked, “which fence is the more durable, iron or aluminum?” It’s a common question and one which pops up from time to time [...]

Fastest Fence In The West – Quickest DIY

What Type Of Fencing Lasts The Longest?

Debate still rages over who was the fastest draw in the West, but there is no arguing over our 4-foot iron fence for a quick DIY. It is very easy to install, making it the quickest in the DIY fencing world. Iron fencing has other advantages too, including that it will last a lifetime [...]

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Ensuring Your Fence Matches Your Business’s Brand

Ensuring Your Fence Matches Your Business's Brand

Most businesses realize that their brand can be implied by the staff’s clothes and the company vehicles. It might not be as obvious but the fence around your business premises also gives a first impression. When you are considering which type fence to install, it is worth considering if it matches your brand. Sure [...]

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Special Care Tips For Iron Fencing

Your Iron fencing is sturdy and may seem indestructible but it still needs some care and attention. In order to maintain the strength and appearance of your iron fencing, follow these special care tips: Regularly Inspect Your Fencing Regularly Clean Your Fencing Remove Vegetation From Around Fencing Address Damage Early Regularly Inspect Your Fencing [...]

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Creative Ways To Decorate Your Metal Fencing

Decorative Iron Drive gate

Installing durable metal fencing for pools or privacy can be great for practical reasons. Although some ornamental iron fencing can provide lasting beauty, it doesn’t always show your individuality. You want your residence to fell more homely, so get creative when decorating your metal fencing. Some options for giving your metal fencing some personality [...]

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What To Consider When Buying Fencing For Pets

What To Consider When Buying Fencing For Pets

As pet owners, we are primarily concerned with the well-being of our pets. When you are considering buying fencing for pets, the fence needs to be fit for purpose. The main purpose of pet fencing is to provide safety and security for your pets. The suggestions here are primarily aimed at dog owners but [...]

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