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Pool Fencing

Fence and Lighting for Pool Security

Garden Swimming Pool

The right fence and lighting will give you all the pool security you need for peace of mind. When you get the pool area under your control, you will feel secure in having a safe space for the family. At Fence Supply Online we know a lot about pool fencing. What we do not [...]

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What Kind of Fence is Required Around My Backyard Pool?

Semi privacy options

The fence around your backyard pool should meet a few, strict requirements. Any insurance company will require you to fence-in the pool area. If you are not sure, then ask them about pool fences and insurance. The answer will help you decide on the right kind of fence for the backyard pool. At Fence [...]

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Fencing Your Backyard Pool is Smart Even if It’s Not Required

Pool Fence

Fencing your backyard pool is essential. Even if in your district you do not have to by law, you should fence your backyard pool for the safety of your family. We know from experience that it is the smart thing to do, so get onto it today. At Fence Supply Online we get a [...]

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Turn Your Backyard into A Fun Summer Hangout

post and rail with picket fence

Fence accessories turn any garden into a fun summer hangout. They need not cost you the earth, and the DIY work is easy to do. Adding a bit of fun to the backyard with accessories can also add security and safety features. The ones you will appreciate all year round. At Fence Supply Online [...]

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Don’t Forget The Hinges – Size Is Everything

When it comes to the hinges for your gate, size really is everything. Choose the wrong size hinges, and you are choosing to go down the path of trouble. With the wrong ones the gate may not close properly, it may sag, or even fall off the gatepost. At Fence Supply Online we get [...]

Keep Your Puppy Safe With Stylish Puppy Panels For Your Fence

Does your little puppy, or small dog like to slip through the fence? All puppies like to do it but they can land themselves in danger by running away. A puppy may follow the kids and get lost; run in front of a car or someone may steal it. Even if the puppy does [...]

The Best Fence Material For Warm Weather Climates

Crossbuck 4 rail

Fence material for a warm weather climate needs to be durable. It will have to withstand the heat of the summer sun, the dry air which sucks the moisture from wood and damage from UV rays. As we know only too well, a warm weather climate can mean a hot summer but a cold [...]

5 Tips For Planning Your Next Fencing Project

vinyl fence buyers guide

Are you planning a fence project? Do you have a few fencing ideas which may look just perfect in the yard? Maybe you have an old fence that could do with replacing? These are some of the questions we know Fence Supply Online customers think of when they are planning a fence. Our experts [...]

Tips For Removing Stains And Paints From Vinyl Fencing

white vinyl privacy fence

Removing stains and paints from vinyl fencing is easy, when you know how to do it. At Fence Supply Online we know the benefits of vinyl fencing. It is durable, almost maintenance-free and does not suffer the ill-effects of weather. Modern vinyl fencing products do not fade, chalk or buckle under the heat of [...]

A Look Inside Our New Fencing And Lighting Products From LMT

Solar Vinyl cap

Do you know about our fencing and lighting products from LMT? It’s a question we ask our clients, new and existing ones, whenever they talk about adding something a bit different to their fence. It surprises some of our customers when we tell them about the products available. The quality is another unexpected extra, [...]