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The Right Side Of The Fence – Who Gets It You Or The Neighbors?

Right side of fence

“Give me land, lots of land under starry skies above, don’t fence me in,” are words we all know well. Unfortunately, our days of wandering are over, and the time has come for building fences. Good fences make good neighbors is another old saying, but one which is still very true. When building a [...]

Four Privacy Screen Ideas For Your Garden

Basket Weave Vinyl Fence

Everyone likes a bit of privacy in the garden. It gives a feeling of escaping the outside world, keeping the neighbor's eyes away from what you are doing or protecting the family from the street. A big objection to privacy screens from our clients is that they are too high. They believe them to [...]

Patio Fencing – The Ultimate In Garden Screening

Choosing The Best Lighting Accessories For Your New Fence

“What’s the best fencing for garden screening?” read a recent email from a client. The client explained that they had quite a big patio but wanted to keep it private from the garden. Fencing can do a great job of screening and looks great around a patio. Our experts had a look at the [...]

Building A Fence – These Are The Terms You Need To Know

Black stain on a board fence

Do you get blinded by technology? It happens all the time, and I get a bit confused when my kids talk about the latest gadget. Fence building is an old art and people have been closing off their land for centuries. A lot of fence building terms come from the many years of fence [...]

How To Build A Screening Fence

white vinyl privacy fence

A screening fence will do many jobs. You can screen off the pool and barbecue sections of the garden, giving you and the family privacy. It can also give you control of who goes in and out of the pool area. A screening fence will protect from the weather and help keep the yard [...]

The Best Vines To Grow Along Your Fence

“I think we will need vines to grow along the fence,” my wife said, standing back a bit. We were just finishing putting up a fence in the back garden. I knew she was still thinking of doing more even while I was admiring the work. “That's your department,” I said, laughing, as Lisa [...]

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Where Should You Use A Semi-Privacy Fence

Semi Privacy Fence

A semi-privacy fence looks the same from both sides. It comprises two lines of fence running in parallel to each other, with the slats attached to the same posts and rails. You buy the fence in panels and assemble the project on your lot. The more ambitious DIYer can build the fence from scratch, [...]

Single And Multifamily Districts – Fencing Standards

plated post with exposed bolts

Standards are important in life. In the world of fencing, standards cover all aspects of construction. Fencing standards are particularly high in single and multifamily districts. They aim to protect children playing outside and to keep the districts looking good.  As with a lot of rules, most of them come from common sense and [...]

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Understanding Your Options in Semi-Privacy Fencing

Semi Privacy Fence

When it comes to choosing a fencing option for your yard, you’ll find a number of options available. You might think that full privacy fencing is the best choice, but it may not be quite right for your needs. Semi-privacy fencing can provide you with a number of different benefits. Semi-privacy with French Gothic [...]

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A New Yard with Vinyl Fencing

Adding any fence to your property has numerous benefits, but most homeowners come down to the question of which fencing material is there best choice. Vinyl has become very popular lately, partially due to the quality of the material improving and the price point coming down substantially. Of course, those [...]

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