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Solar Lights

Patio Fencing – The Ultimate In Garden Screening

Choosing The Best Lighting Accessories For Your New Fence

“What’s the best fencing for garden screening?” read a recent email from a client. The client explained that they had quite a big patio but wanted to keep it private from the garden. Fencing can do a great job of screening and looks great around a patio. Our experts had a look at the [...]

Not All Hinges Are Created Equal

strap gate hardware

All men are created equal, but unfortunately, we cannot say the same about the hinge on your gate. Yes, those all-important pieces of metal which keep the gate in place can often let you down. Our clients often call with hinge problems, and we can only advise on replacing the existing ones. [...]

Building A Fence – These Are The Terms You Need To Know

Black stain on a board fence

Do you get blinded by technology? It happens all the time, and I get a bit confused when my kids talk about the latest gadget. Fence building is an old art and people have been closing off their land for centuries. A lot of fence building terms come from the many years of fence [...]

What Types Of Fencing Boosts Your Home’s Value The Most?

White vinyl privacy fence

Quality fencing boosts your home’s value the most. It’s the obvious answer to what is a simple question. While simple solutions are usually the best ones, it’s what lies behind them that is of real value. One person’s quality may not be another’s, but at Fence Supply Online we only sell quality fencing. Period. [...]

Make Your Ranch Look More Professional With A Ranch Entrance

iron fence and 4 rail vinyl

A friend of mine has a ranch just outside of town. Nothing too big but a fine ranch nonetheless and it has been in his family for many generations now. Recently we were talking, each with one foot on a rail, looking out across his land. My friend was saying about how much he [...]

Modern Versions Of The Traditional White Picket Fence

The white picket fence: it’s as traditional as apple pie and fireworks on the 4th of July. You see it in movies, described in classic books and who doesn’t dream of living in a home with a white picket fence in the yard? The traditional white picket fence hasn't changed much down the ages, [...]

5 Tips For Landscaping With Low Fences

white Picket fence scallop

One of our long-term clients contacted us recently with a low fence problem. The front of their property leads onto a popular street and restrictions in the area are tight. Our client was looking for advice on landscaping with low fences. “We want to have a nice garden which fits with the low fence,” [...]

Getting The Perfect Spacing For Lighted Fence Caps

Large Solar post cap

Have you considered installing lighted fence caps on that lovely project you built around the backyard? The fence post lights will add a touch of style on a summer or late fall evening. They will also add an extra layer of security to your home, as a lighted yard is a lot more off-putting [...]

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How To Make Simple Fences Look More Elegant

Tan Vinyl Fence

Ah, the simple fence. It is always there. Running around the backyard keeping your family, pets and home safe and sound through many a winter, spring, summer and fall. If you treat a fence well, it will serve you for years upon years. How about dressing-up that fence a bit? Why not have it [...]

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What’s So Good About Solar Fence Caps?

Large Solar post cap

A lot is the quick answer but let's look at a couple of common problems first. The new fence looks great around the yard, but now you’d like to light up the space at night. Maybe you’re planning a few barbecues and eat-outs over the summer months and it would be nice if folks [...]

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