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Vinyl Privacy Fence

Got A Garden? Pick The Right Fencing To Keep Area Wildlife Out

3 rail cedar split rail fence

I reckon we all know about the problem. Your garden is looking great; all that hard work through the fall, winter and spring is paying off. The flowers are in full bloom, the berries are coming out and the birds are singing. Then, one beautiful evening, you come home from the office and the [...]

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Which Types Of Fencing Require The Least Maintenance

3 rail vinyl

How much maintenance is this fence going to need? The question that should be on every homeowner’s mind when they are choosing a new fence. The rancher must be thinking the same, especially as they may have a large area of the property to fence. Another question, following closely, is how much will it [...]

Why Vinyl Fencing Is Great For Kids

Vinyl fencing has a lot going for it. It is proving to be as good as iron, aluminum or the traditional wood fence around the yard and other play areas. Vinyl fencing is particularly popular with families as it is great for kids. Even if the kids have left home remember that they will [...]

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Everything You Need For An Effective Vinyl Privacy Fence

White vinyl privacy fence

Privacy. We seek it here, we seek it there, we seek it everywhere. In our backyard and around our homes we value privacy the most. Who wants the neighbors looking when you’re having a party or a fun time around the pool? Vinyl privacy fencing is a very good way of protecting your yard [...]