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5 Most Creative Ways To Use Garden Fencing

Garden fencing plays many roles on the property. It protects the home from those who wish you harm; it prevents the kids from running onto the pavement and stops the pets from escaping. There are many styles, designs, and types of creative garden fencing and Fence Supply Online stocks a wide range. Your garden [...]

5 Inspirational Fence Ideas For Suburbia

durable fence types

Suburbia is full of fences. Drive through any American suburb, and you will see fences around the local park, the school and of course, around the gardens of homeowners. Fences protect property, keep animals under control and stop children running onto the street. The suburban garden fence has plenty of other uses too. It [...]

Don’t Sink Fence Posts Without Checking Local Codes

Always check the local codes before building a fence. Before even digging a hole to sink a fence post into, you should know the laws for your district. Being on the right side of the law can save you time, money, and a lot of legal trouble. Bad fences make for bad neighbors, and [...]

Why You Need To Get Your Property Surveyed Before Erecting A Fence

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Getting your property surveyed, before erecting a fence, is crucial. The problem is that people forget to do the survey. There is so much going on that a property survey seems like a minor inconvenience. Between choosing the fence, getting the right style, and paying for it all, you could be forgiven for forgetting [...]

How To Make Your Railing More Accessible With ADA Railing

Making your railing ADA compliant is an excellent thing to do. Not only will you be obeying local laws, but you will be making your property accessible for those with disabilities. A few small changes can make a big difference in the quality of your railing. When we mention ADA railing to clients, they [...]

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Check With Your Home Owner’s Association Before Adding A Fence

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At Fence Supply Online we often get calls about the Home Owner’s Association. “I never knew I wasn’t allowed a tall fence,” was one caller’s problem. Another had installed a privacy fence on a busy street corner and was now having to take it down. We always advise clients to check the local ordinance and to [...]

What You Need To Know Before You Replace A Fence

Old Fence

Is that old fence looking a bit worse for wear? Maybe it was there before you bought the property, or it was one of the first yard jobs you did twenty years ago. Either way now comes the time for replacing it, time to build a new one and improve the look of your [...]

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Don’t Do This When Installing Your New Fence

When Should You Hire Someone To Install Your Fencing?

Rookie fencing mistakes sounds like the title of a good TV show. Definitely one I would watch on a rainy afternoon with all the yard work finished for the season. There are many rookie fencing mistakes to avoid and some might only cause a bit of laughing among those watching, [...]

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When Do You Need To See The Zone Ordinance Committee?

To some the mere mention of the Zone Ordinance Committee will have them running for the hills. Don’t panic when you need to see the Zone Ordinance Committee. If you have your ducks in a row you will pass the hearings and quickly get started on the job. The trick is to know when [...]

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