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At Fence Supply Online we often get calls about the Home Owner’s Association. “I never knew I wasn’t allowed a tall fence,” was one caller’s problem. Another had installed a privacy fence on a busy street corner and was now having to take it down.

We always advise clients to check the local ordinance and to call their Home Owner’s Association. You should do this before the build, and even while the fence is still at the planning stage. “Why so?” is a common question and there are a few reasons why calling the association is a good idea.

The top reasons for calling the Home Owner’s Association, before building a fence include:

  • They are friendly people full of good advice
  • Local rules are there to be followed, by all
  • You do not want to get caught in a legal tangle
  • Avoid other problems

Let’s take a closer look at each point to help you plan the fencing project.

They are friendly people full of good advice

The people on the Home Owner’s Association are just like you.

They live in the district, possibly for longer than you, and know a thing or two.

Home Owner’s committee members will have seen a lot over the years.

They will know what materials work the best in the area and where to put a fence.

Advice on style, height, and color will be free and come from years of experience.

A little bit of a heads up with local laws and county officials can be invaluable when starting a project.

Local rules are there to be followed, by all.

This is an area where a lot of first-timers fall foul of their home owner’s association.

They don’t check about local rules and what can go where in the yard.

Many rules come from common sense and years of experience.

Height restrictions on the street front exist to protect children and to give car drivers a clear view of traffic.

Color schemes need to blend and not be an eyesore on the block.

You may like wood, but it may not last in the local climate, which is why you can only use vinyl for the picket fence.

Ask first is an excellent rule to follow.

You do not want to get caught in a legal tangle

The Home Owner’s Association usually has the law on their side.

Their rules and guidelines follow those of the local county.

A rule may seem unfair or not make sense to you, but there is a good chance that it has been put to the test in the past.

If you take on the Home Owner’s Association, you will get caught in a legal tangle.

There will only be one winner.

A client of ours spent months fighting a height guidance.

They fell out with neighbors and spent a lot of money, but their fence eventually came down.

A little bit of compromise would have saved a lot of time, money and good relations too.

Avoid other problems

If you ignore the Home Owner’s Association guidelines, you may be opening a real can of worms.

They can impose fines, which may grow over time and you will eventually have to pay.

The Home Owner’s Association can get a lien on your property, which may have legal implications when you go to sell.

Stress has its own costs on your health and that of the family.

Engage and get on with your life; it may be a good idea when it comes to the Home Owner’s Association.

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Our experts know a lot about dealing with Home Owner’s Associations.

They can advise you on a plan of action and how to avoid trouble.

More importantly, they can help you build the right fence on your property.

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