Choosing durable wood fencing is a sure way of protecting your investment. You can choose a cheaper alternative, but you will see the downsides within a couple of years. Wood is a beautiful fencing material, though you need a durable wood to last through the long years.

At Fence Supply Online we see a lot of people going down the wrong path with wood fencing. At least we see them when they call us looking for help. Their low-quality fence, installed only a short time ago is rotting and falling apart. ‘Do we know how to fix the problem? Why did this happen?’ are two of the more common questions.

We know about wood fencing and why you need a durable one on your property. Our team put together a list of reasons for choosing durable wood for your fencing project. The best points made it onto our final list.

Included on the list of choosing the most durable wood fencing are:

  • Always use pressure-treated wood
  • Durable wood fencing needs to suit the climate
  • Maintenance is key for durable wood fencing

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Always use pressure-treated wood

Pressure-treated wood is injected at the factory with the wood preservatives and insecticide a fence needs. You must use pressure-treated wood on all construction less than six feet from the ground. If you are burying part of the wood, which you do with posts, it must be pressure-treated.

The pressure-treated wood will be fully resistant to rot, termites, and the effects of foul weather conditions. It is usually wood of the highest quality too. Using such wood on your fence makes it as durable as possible.

We know there are cheaper alternatives to pressure-treated wood, but they do not last.

Durable wood fencing needs to suit the climate

Many kinds of wood contain natural oils and preservatives to protect it from pests and the weather. Usually the wood which grows locally will suit the climate better than the material imported from other countries.

At Fence Supply Online we stock Cedar split rail fences. The Cedar comes mainly from North and Western Canada, which has similar climate conditions to ourselves. Cedar contains natural chemicals that protect against termites and harsh weather.

Our round rail fences are of southern yellow pine. Pine is also naturally durable, but it also soaks up and retains any added chemicals for extra protection.

When looking for durable wood fencing, always check where the wood comes from and choose local stock.

Maintenance is key for durable wood fencing

While you need to use the best wood possible on a project, you also need to maintain the fence. Exposure to the sun, wind, and rain will put pressure on the wood.

Ask your fencing agent for advice. Most wood fences will need an application of a stain and seal product at some stage. We supply Stain & Seal products due to the high quality of their line.

You should also clean a wood fence to take off any dried-in leaves or dirt. Cutting back branches, shrubs, and the surrounding grass will help keep termites off the wood.

Start a maintenance plan and stick to it.

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