How much thought did you put into choosing post caps for your fence?

It may not be a question people ask every day, but the right post cap can make your fence.

Some people neglect to add post caps when planning their fencing project.

It is possible to add them later, so there is not any need to panic, though it is easier to do it all at the installation phase.

We get so many people asking about post caps that we put our heads together one morning over a coffee.

A lot of ideas came to mind, and we put the best ones into this post.

Top tips for choosing the perfect post caps for your fence include:

  • Think of how you want the fence to look
  • Lighting is a popular choice for post caps
  • Add stylish end post caps
  • Retrofitting is easy too

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Think of how you want the fence to look

Take one long look at your fence. Consider how it makes its way around the property.

Now look at our range of fence post caps and think how much they can add to the project.

Our Draw It & Quote It software will help you plan the fence installation from start to finish.

On a long fence the smaller fence post caps may work perfectly, adding to the flow of it.

Shorter fences, such as one on the deck, can benefit from the bolder look, making the fence look like a feature on its own.

Fence post caps add style to your fence.

Lighting is a popular choice for post caps

Lighting can add so much to your garden and the deck area.

Think of the higher security a good lighting system will bring. Also, think about how you can add both extra security and style with the solar-powered post cap lighting.

We have a wide range of solar powered post lights available.

The Black Aluminum Colonial Post Cap is a very decorative light to have on the property.

For long fences, you can install the Imperial Solar Post cap which will add subtle lighting to your garden or deck area.

Solar powered lights do not need wiring, getting their energy from the sun, so you will not have unsightly wires or power outlets in the yard.

Add stylish end post caps

A stylish end post cap can catch the eye of visitors but also add to your outdoor decorating scheme.

Choose from our range of end post caps to add that special touch to the garden and deck area.

Take a look at the Gothic End Post Cap for a solid style which is always in fashion.

The New England Ball End Post Cap gives a hint of the east coast feel which looks great on a deck anywhere.

A Coachman Post Cap is different from other styles, and when paired with the Pyramid caps on the other posts, it can make a real statement.

Stylish end post caps are the perfect addition to your garden fence.

Retrofitting is easy too

In the case when you did forget to add the fence post caps during the installing, do not panic.

It is very easy to retrofit the end perfect end post caps, and they will go on every fence post with very little trouble.

Even if you are adding decorative lights to the fence posts, it is not a problem

Fence post cap adapters fit over the top of the fence posts.

The caps click into the adapters.

Retrofitting is an easy job.

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