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The first step in any maintenance plan is the cleaning of your fence. Do you powerwash or hand wash, that is the question. Some believe powerwashing is the only way to go, while others love the hand wash.

At Fence Supply Online we advise a lot of clients on caring for their fences. When it comes to cleaning a fence, we get many questions about doing the work properly. Our experts deal with all queries, and we turned to them for tips on doing a good job. They put their great minds together and came up with a few answers. Their long list became a shorter one of top ideas, and we put the best into this post.

Included on the list of cleaning your fence, which is best powerwash or hand wash, is:

  • Powerwashing works well when cleaning a fence
  • Hand washing for an older fence
  • Don’t forget to stain and seal a wood fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Powerwashing works well when cleaning a fence

If you have a lot of fencing to clean, then powerwashing saves time, labor, and physical energy. Imagine washing all that fence by hand? To do it properly, you would need patience and a lot of free time. Unfortunately, few of us have either in abundance.

When powerwashing a fence, there are a few tips that you should follow to do the work properly. The first one is always to use a quality, high-powered washer. It is not advisable to try removing dirt, grime, and dust with a weak spray. Rent a washer from a tool outlet and tell them what you are planning.

Always lay plastic sheeting around the fence to protect the plants.

Start at a low setting and work up to a more powerful one. Use the wand at least two feet from the fence and set a wide spray on the nozzle.

Powerwashing works on vinyl, wood, and iron fences.

Handwashing for an older fence

If you have a few older fence lengths in the yard, it may be better to handwash them. Older fences, especially wood ones, may warp or snap under the high pressure of the powerwasher.

Cleaning the fence will need a bit of time and elbow grease. Start the handwashing by spraying the fence with the garden hose. When you have the dirt and grime softened, try washing the fence while scrubbing with a wire brush. Finally, you should finish off with a solution of outdoor wood cleaner applied by sponge. When finished, you will need to spray with the garden hose once more.

Handwashing takes time, but it may be best on an older fence.

Don’t forget to stain and seal a wood fence

After powerwashing a vinyl or iron fence, you are probably all set for the year.

You may need to apply a new coat of stain and seal to a wood fence because the powerwasher may remove the existing one.

We stock Stain & Seal products for your wood fence. They are easy to apply and will give your fence full protection.

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