A flat top picket fence or Semi-Privacy fence has become associated with the traditional American home. Homeowners all over the country prefer picket fences for their attractiveness and functionality. However, there are great commercial benefits to be reaped by this fencing style as well. Here we’ll highlight the major advantages that businesses can achieve with picket fences.


Boundary for Your Property

Putting up a Semi-Privacy or flat top picket fence is one of the best ways to create a clear, visible boundary between your business premises and other properties that surround it. If you have a commercial plot of land that needs construction and development, or if you run a farm, a picket fence is ideal to set your property apart from the surrounding area.

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Boundary for High-Traffic Areas

A major functionality of picket fences is to act as a protective boundary in high-traffic areas. A hotel or resort, for example, can use Semi-Privacy fences to keep their pool area secure for children.  It has to be mentioned that picket fences don’t offer the same degree of protection as privacy fences. If visual protection is your top priority, then you are better off with privacy fences.

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Visually Appealing

When it comes to aesthetic value, there are only a few fence styles that can rival picket fences. Picket fences offer a traditional feel to your property, but you can also choose picket fences that look contemporary and modern. In short, having a picket fence improves the look and value of your business premises considerably.

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Easy to Maintain

Finally, a great benefit of picket fences (especially those made of vinyl) is that they are easy to maintain.  For the most part, you can easily rinse off dirt and debris with water. Also, vinyl picket fences don’t need painting or touch-up. This is advantageous for both administrative and financial reasons, i.e., not a lot of money will be sent on maintaining these beautiful and sturdy picket fences.

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However, this doesn’t mean that picket fences are immune to damage. They can get scratches and rust. But these can be managed pre-emptively. You can apply wax or a sealant on your fence to protect them from rust. This will increase the lifespan of your fences. Of course, hard blows can damage the panels, but then this applies to all other fences as well.


All in all, flat top picket fences offer business owners a host of commercial benefits. They add value to the property, improve its looks, offer security and privacy, and are low-maintenance. If we only look at one specific feature, such as durability or security, then other fence styles may appear better. But cumulatively, the features of flat top picket fences make them a great choice for business owners. For more information, check out Fence Supply Online’s collection of affordable commercial grade picket fencing