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Common fence repairs are the ones we love. They are usually easy to fix, and often the repair will make the fence look like new again. You can do most common fence repairs yourself, and what could be a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions about fence repairs. Plenty of the repairs are simple to do, while others may take a bit of time. There comes a time too when replacement is better than a repair, but that’s a whole other ball game.

Our team of experts had a talk recently about doing common fence repairs. They drank a lot of coffee but eventually came up with a long list of suggestions. The long list made for good reading, and we put the best ones down onto paper.

The list of common fence repairs for you to consider doing includes:

  • Replacing the boards is one common repair job
  • Take a bit of time to repair the posts
  • Panels are easy to repair
  • What causes the common damage?

Replacing the boards is one common repair job

Take a look at the wooden privacy fence in the yard or the picket fence in the front garden.

If the boards are looking a bit worse for wear, then you should consider replacing them. It is an easy repair job. Using an electric screwdriver, remove the old screws. If they are nailed into place, use a claw hammer or catspaw. Take out the board fully from the fence. Replace with a new one. Always stain or paint the new board to match the existing fence.

Replacing broken boards is better than replacing the whole fence.

Take a bit of time to repair the posts

Walk along the fence and check the posts to see if they are loose are broken.

Hammer a loose post back into place and use concrete if it is very loose in the dirt. To replace a broken post, you must remove the fence rails or panels first. Always have the replacement post on hand. Fit the new post into the dirt and attach the old panels or rails.

You should replace a broken post before it pulls down the fence.

Panels are easy to repair

If your privacy fence panel is damaged, then do not worry.

With a vinyl fence you will only need a vinyl rail remover tool. When ready slip the panel off the posts at both ends and place it in a safe place. The new panel will slot into the existing posts without the need for too much effort.

Always keep a few spare panels for emergency DIY fence repairs.

What causes the common damage?

Depends on the damage is the quick answer.

If you do not do the annual maintenance to a wood fence, then you are asking for trouble. Doing the staining, sealing, and painting is vital to keep the wood free from termites, rot, and moisture damage. High winds or blowing debris can break cracked panels or rip out loose boards. An iron fence needs rust proofing and regular cleaning.

Keeping on top of the annual maintenance will prevent a lot of fence damage, and repair work.

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