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Myths about iron fencing make some people doubt its use on their property.

Dismissing iron fencing, however, can have you missing out on what is an exceptional product. If you want a fence to last probably longer than you will, then iron is the perfect material. Sure, it costs more, and there is the annual maintenance, but iron fencing will pay you back in style and durability.

There are myths around iron fencing, but as much as possible, you should ignore them. At Fence Supply Online our experts can talk you through the worries. Our experience can help you make a sound choice, based on fact.

We get a lot of questions about iron fencing from clients. Some are thinking of installing a new fence while others are considering replacing an existing one. To help you with any decision making, we put together a list of the common myths, with some facts.

Our list of common myths about iron fencing includes:

  • Iron fencing is a lot of work
  • Rust is a big problem with iron fencing
  • It is difficult to install iron fencing
  • Repairs are expensive
  • Maintenance is a problem

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Iron fencing is a lot of work

People have an idea of iron fencing needing constant attention and work.

The opposite is, in fact, true here. An iron fence is very durable. The rails do not break, and the posts stand tall and strong for many, many years.

The kids may whack a ball against the iron fence, but without doing it any damage. Storms, wind, snow, ice and rain will batter an iron fence, but that should not worry you.

Outside of the annual maintenance, an iron fence involves as little work as any material.

Rust is a big problem with iron fencing

“Why would I want a fence which will be full of rust in no time?” so asked a client recently.

While you may see an old iron gate or pillar with spots of rust, you will not see it on modern fencing. The iron rails and posts are powder-coated at the factory. This coating protects the iron beneath from exposure to the air, which causes the rust. You can even get you fence powder-coated in a color of your choice.

The fence may get a few nicks over the years, but a simple repair will solve the problem.

Yes, iron rusts but not if you care for it.

It is difficult to install iron fencing

Another myth we are happy to bust.

Modern iron fencing is light and very easy to work with, even on your own. There is not any need for welding or hammering into place.

At Fence Supply Online, we have a bracket system for installing an iron fence. Once you set the post in place, you then fit the pre-fabricated rail against it. Using the made-for-size brackets, you simply screw the rail into place.

You will install each rail quickly and easily on the property.

Repairs are expensive

Iron fencing is durable, and repairs are few and far between.

If you have a damaged rail, usually from an impact of some sort, then repairs are simple.

Just unscrew the damaged rail from the posts and replace it with a new one. We recommend you purchase a couple of extra panels to keep for repairs, just in case.

If you are a welder, then take a look at our stock of Forney Industry machines. They have welding machines for the beginner up to the experienced hand.

Maintenance is a problem

Do an annual inspection of your iron fence, just as you would with any type of fence.

Usually, cleaning with a power-washer will remove any dirt and get the fence back to looking like new. The powder coating will keep the fence rust-free. There is not any need for an annual painting project.

Replace any broken rails and repair any nicks.

Keep on top of maintenance, and it will not be a problem.

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