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Deck railing installation should be an easy DIY job for the weekend.

Once you choose your style, size, and color, the rest should be simple to do.

There are obstacles, though, and a spanner in the works can make a straightforward job, a not so easy one. As with a lot of DIY work, just as you think the task is going well, you hit a problem. We always recommend you plan any fence or deck railing installation work in advance, and map out where there may be issues.

‘Failing to plan is like planning to fail,’ as a wise old man once said.

At Fence Supply Online we like to help our clients with the planning of a fence or deck railing installation. Last week we got all of our experts together to task them with making the installing of deck railings a straightforward process.

Obstacles became a common theme.

Our list of common obstacles with deck railing installation includes:

  • New railings on an old deck
  • Vinyl deck railings on wood
  • The deck area is too small
  • Household fittings get in the way
  • Trees and large plants can be a problem

Let’s take a closer look at each item on the list.

New railings on an old deck

Now this one we hear a lot of, especially from people with older houses.

Old decks may be challenging to work with when installing a railing. The boards may not be wide enough at the borders to take a railing post. New decking along the border may be the answer. Also, the older deck may be wearing away in spots, and installing a railing may be dangerous.

Matching the color, style, and even the material may also be a problem.

Old decks are full of character, and installing a railing to match may not be easy.

Vinyl deck railings on wood

Similar to the problem of matching old with new is vinyl and wooden decks.

You need to install vinyl post holders on the deck, and the new material may not look so good.

Adding decoration such as post skirts, or going with an ornate style can improve the look of the railings.

If you can match the colors, the new vinyl deck railings may soon blend with the wooden deck.

The deck area is too small

Now this is a real problem, and it happens with a lot of clients.

The deck railing will need to take up some of the deck area. Vinyl deck railings will need those deck post mounts.

If the deck is too narrow, there may not be room for the railings. You do not want a deck that is all railings with no room for the family.

Extending the deck is a practical solution.

It gives you more room for barbecues or summer drink parties, so there are benefits.

Household fittings get in the way

This is a big problem where your deck is close to the house or other buildings.

Sometimes there is a gap between a wall and the deck; one which can be dangerous for the kids. Putting in the railing can be difficult here, as there is not much room to move around. A vinyl railing with fence post mounts may solve the problem.

Household utilities such as water pipes or power cables may run under or around the deck. You do not want to cut one by accident.

Always check before you dig, cut, or chop anything when working outside.

Trees and large plants can be a problem

Planting that sapling or young bush next to the deck was once a good idea.

Now, however, they may be an obstacle getting in the way of your new deck railings.

You may need to cut back that plant or remove a few branches from the tree.

If you do it correctly, the new railings will blend with the trees and shrubs.

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