Outdoor lighting is essential to the overall garden design.

It adds an extra touch of style at nighttime and brightens up the yard too.

A well-lit fence will stand out when the sun goes down.

Fence lighting will increase security and may reduce your home insurance costs.

There is a wonderful choice of fence lighting available, and we have styles to suit every taste and match every garden design.

When customers ask about outdoor lighting we usually answer with the following points:

  • Decorative lighting adds a touch of style
  • Practical fence post lighting
  • Deck lighting for a special evening
  • Lighting for security
  • The benefits of our outdoor lighting

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Decorative lighting adds a touch of style

You will be amazed at how decorative lighting can finish your garden fence.

The black aluminum Elegante lamp looks stunning when in the right spot.

One on every corner of the yard will catch the eye of visitors.

Our lantern-inspired fence post lamps come in a couple of different styles, but do a fantastic job of adding style to the yard.

A stained-glass Wellington post cap light will be a talking point at your next outdoor gathering; the subtle decoration is a crowd pleaser.

Practical fence post lighting

Your fence lighting scheme does not need to be stylish to complete the look of your fence.

The small matter of lighting the yard or maybe the path up to your home also needs consideration.

We have a wide range of practical fence post lighting.

The Imperial solar post cap fits neatly on the post, giving a strong yet subtle light.

The Cambridge one does a similar job, but it throws out more light than the Imperial.

Both are available in black and in white aluminum and will withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Fence post lighting is easy to retrofit.

A cap fits onto the fence post, and your light then snaps into place, fitting snugly and securely into position.

Deck lighting for a special effect

Choosing The Best Lighting Accessories For Your New Fence

Your deck is a lovely place to sit and eat on a summer’s evening.

Deck lighting will make the night last longer after the sun goes down.

You can fit a decorative deck light on the corner posts for plenty of light during that late-night chat.

A few subtle lights on the posts in between will add another special effect to the evening.

The Regal or the Windsor post cap light throws a lovely quality of light on your deck in the dark hours.

Deck post lighting is simple to fit; don’t worry if you already have to deck up, we will show you how to do it.

Lighting for security

You probably had security in mind when you installed the fence on your property.

Now you can add an extra layer with some top-quality security lighting.

The Motion Sensor security light fits on your fence, and its bright light only comes on when a human body activates it.

The Deck and Wall light does the same job and will fit in the right spot in your deck or porch fence.

We have a range of security lighting options to suit any property.

Being able to see if someone is at the fence can be a great peace of mind and helps you control who comes and goes around the yard.

The benefits of outdoor lighting

Adding a touch of style and brightening up the garden area is one of the benefits of outdoor lighting.

Security is always a concern, and you can tighten up around the yard with fence lighting, without making it feel like a prison.

Our outdoor lighting is solar powered. There is no need to run unsightly wiring or to go looking for power outlets in the garden.

They fit and work without any fuss and bother and the lighting completes the look of any fence.

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