Whether you call it post and rail fencing, or wood round rail fencing, the fact remains that this type of fence offers quite a few benefits. There are options available, though. For instance, you’ll need to decide if you want to go with two rail or three rail post and rail fencing. What might make two rail wood post and rail fencing a good choice for your particular needs? Let’s take a closer look.


2 rail with optional domed post

One of the most common reasons to choose two rail post and rail fencing rather than three rail is cost. Because there are only two rails rather than three, and shorter post, the cost of materials is lower by about 20% to 25% in most cases. You’ll also find that this carries over to installation – because there are only two rails, installation takes less time and will generally cost a little less, as well.

Larger Animals

The reason to choose three rail over two rail post and rail fencing is to keep larger animals confined to a particular space. For instance, these fences are often used around horse paddocks to ensure complete safety for your animals, while also making sure they’re unable to get out of the paddock.

Three rail wood post and rail

Other fencing options, like barbed wire and woven wire, should be avoided, as they can cause serious physical injuries to your horses. Electric fencing can be an alternative to two rail post and rail fencing, but it is not terribly reliable. Plus the animals have a violent reaction when shocked and get quite spooked. Also, you’ll need to regularly inspect it for damage and to ensure that it’s still operating.

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Rustic Beauty

You don’t need to have horses or livestock to benefit from two rail wood post and rail fencing. The rustic charm offered by this beautiful type of fence is enough to make it a popular option not just for rural homeowners, but even for those in suburban areas like subdivisions and the like.

bundles of round rails

A Word of Caution

It’s important to understand that not all wood round rail fencing is created equal. You’ll need to ensure that you’re working with a supplier offering high-quality, pressure treated wood that will stand the test of time. Otherwise, you could find that your fence rots away in just a few years, leaving you with a need to replace it. Pressure treated wood fencing can last for a very long time, though.