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A backyard oasis and all thanks to using a popular fence design? Can this be true, we hear you ask? Is it really possible to use a fence design to make the backyard a place to enjoy and relax on the weekend? We believe it is and have the designs to prove our point.

At Fence Supply Online we are always keeping up with the popular fence designs. The ones everyone is talking about and the ones which are a bit in the background. We asked our experts to take a look at some popular fence styles and how they can work for clients. They quickly came up with a long list of ideas after a bit of research. The best ones made it on to our list, and we put them into this post.

Included on our list of creating a backyard oasis with popular fence designs is:

  • Using the deck area properly
  • How about a few raised beds around that privacy fence?
  • Breaking up a big yard with fencing
  • Using picket fences in a small back yard

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Using the deck area properly

How many people have a deck but only use it every now and again? We often hear of clients looking to take out their deck because it does not get any use.

A deck can be an oasis in your back yard. By choosing the right fence, ask us for advice, and installing it correctly, you can make it a wonderful place to spend an evening. You can install solar deck lighting to make the deck safe and inviting for you and the family.

Quality and well-designed fencing make a huge difference to your deck.

How about a few raised beds around that privacy fence?

A problem with privacy fences is that they can dominate the backyard. You install one to keep the neighbors from watching the family, but they then make the yard feel like a prison.

There are many raised bed designs to install around the privacy fence. The beds will quickly become part of the fence and hide it from the family. You can grow shrubs, flowers, and vines to take over the spot.

Some clients grow successful produce patches in the shade of the privacy fence.

The colors and scents of flowers, along with the singing of birds, will quickly turn the yard into an oasis.

Breaking up a big yard with fencing

If you have a big yard area, probably all grass, then try breaking it up with fencing. A vinyl picket fence running through the yard will make it feel less of an open paddock.

We recommend using garden jewelry such as arbors and gates to make each section a bit unique.

When you plan the big yard area’s design, think about how you can make the yard part of your home and a place to enjoy.

Using picket fences in a small yard

A small yard can look great, with maybe one section closed off with a picket fence.

The section can be one where you grow flowers that make you happy and fill the yard with fabulous scents.

It can be somewhere to read when the sun is shining, and you feel like relaxing.

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