A client called, looking to build a play area for the kids with vinyl fencing.

Getting them out in the fresh air and away from all those screens was the priority.

The caller got our team of experts thinking and they came up a fencing design to help the family.

Building a fun play area using vinyl fencing is easy to do and very cost effective.

When looking to create a fun play area for your kids with vinyl fencing consider the following:

  • Vinyl is durable, sturdy and maintenance free
  • Privacy or picket style?
  • Laying out the plans
  • Building the structure
  • Looking after the fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Vinyl is durable, sturdy and maintenance free

Vinyl fencing has many uses, and it is increasingly popular among our customers.

The benefits of vinyl fencing for a play area are many. It is a durable material and will not crack or break easily during any extremes of weather.

Vinyl fencing is also very sturdy and will withstand the worst the kids will do. You do not want a fence wall to collapse on top of the kids.

As it cannot rot and is termite free, you will not have to stain and seal it regularly.

A chemical-free area is perfect for young kids at play.

Privacy or picket style

This is really a personal decision as both have their advantages.

A privacy fence will keep the kids closed off from the rest of the yard and away from the prying eyes of strangers.

A picket style fence will allow you to keep an eye on them from other parts of the yard.

We have a range of styles and colors in stock for you to have a look before making up our mind.

Laying out the plans

Planning is key to having the right play area when you finish the construction.

Think about where you want to put the structure and how you want it to look in the yard.

Running the walls up against the existing fence can save on construction and keep the fence out of the way.

Some parents may like a box-like structure in the center of the garden, where they can see the kids playing.

Think of extras like gates and even lighting for the fall evenings, when it is still warm enough to play outside.

Height is a crucial point to consider, as is the overall size of the play area. You may want it to grow as the kids do, which is easy with vinyl, so put the play area in a large enough part of the yard.

Building the structure

Vinyl is light and easy to work with on a project. You should be able to do the install on your own, but it pays to have a second hand on any job.

Bury the fence posts in concrete, going down at least one-third of the length of the post, to keep the structure stable.

Fit the panels tightly into the posts and don’t give the kids any chance to find a weak spot.

If you are putting the play area on a hard surface, use the post holders and screw them in tightly.

Always test the walls and posts before you let the kids in to play.

Looking after the fence

A significant advantage of vinyl fencing is the low maintenance involved.

It does need some maintenance, however, and ask our experts for advice if you are not too sure.

You can clean the surface with a mix of detergent and hot water, to get off their scribbles and dried-in food.

Check the joins and the posts and for cracks in the panels, on a regular basis.

Vinyl looks after itself, but it needs a helping hand from time to time too.

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