Strategy: a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term aim.

So reads the dictionary entry, and it certainly captures how to maintain property border fencing. A maintenance strategy is vital for every fence, regardless of where it is or of the fencing material.

A fence needs looking after, so it will stay sturdy and robust along the property border.

At Fence Supply Online we supply a lot of landowners with property border fencing, and we advise them on its proper upkeep. If you have a new property fence or an old one needing care, you should put a long-term care plan in place.

Creating one is easy but sticking to it is crucial to get the long life from your investment

A sensible maintenance strategy for a property border fence would include:

  • Do regular check-ups
  • Fix any problems immediately
  • Do the seasonal jobs
  • Talk with your neighbors
  • Stick to the maintenance schedule

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Do regular check-ups

Take a walk along your property border fence, at least once or twice a year.

Early spring and late fall can be good times to examine the fence.

Check the posts, give them a good shake and keep an eye out for termite damage on wooden ones.

Put pressure on the rails and check for cracks or breaks, which may not be too obvious.

Look at the joins, screws and the old repairs for any signs of weakness.

Regular check-ups can spot damage before it becomes a problem. It may sound like something your physician might say, but it holds for border fencing too.

Fix any problems immediately

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

This is an excellent saying for border fence owners, to remind them of staying on top of problems.

When doing an inspection take a toolkit with you, and do any repairs on the spot.

Replace broken rails and posts and fix any loose ones back into place.

If you see termite damage get working on replacing the rail and treating the rest of the fence.

Keeping on top of the damage is key to a good maintenance strategy.

Do the seasonal jobs

With any fence, regardless of material or where you have it on the property, there are the seasonal jobs.

The twice-yearly inspection is one of the key ones.

You also need to do other annual jobs, to keep the border fence in the best of order.

A wooden fence will need staining, treating with a fungicide and sealing to keep out the moisture.

You may need to paint a metal fence and remove any rust spots.

Even a low-maintenance vinyl fence will need washing to get off stains and mildew.

Talk with the neighbors

If a property border fence shares the boundary with your neighbors, you should include them in the strategy.

Under the law the neighbors may be responsible for half of the upkeep costs of the fence.

The fence will last a lot longer if it is maintained correctly on both sides.

Talk with the neighbors and agree on the maintenance strategy and the sharing of costs.

It may be a good idea to do this before you start the project, so you can both get off to a good start.

Stick to the maintenance schedule

If you have gone to the trouble of drawing up the maintenance schedule, then you should stick to it.

When your neighbor sees you at work, it will spur them to keep up their side of the bargain.

Mark the dates on the calendar for the jobs that need doing annually.

Nature doesn’t stop, and neither should you in your efforts to maintain the healthy fence on your property.

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