Dog Fence

A pet-friendly backyard is easy to create with fencing. When you throw in a little imagination, you should get the perfect spot for the pets to relax. If you want to keep your pets safe and maybe out of the house during the day, then backyard fencing offers all the solutions.

At Fence Supply Online we know about fencing and how important pets are to a home. With this in mind, we got our experts together and asked them how to combine the two. Having a safe environment for the pet is what everyone wants, and the experts agreed.

At least they agree on something.

The list of creating a pet-friendly backyard with fencing is a long one. After a bit more discussion, we got a shorter list together, and it should help you to plan any backyard fencing project. It makes for interesting reading.

Included on the list for creating a pet-friendly backyard with fencing are:

  • Privacy fencing is very pet-friendly
  • Use Puppy Panels on the fence
  • Create paths with picket fencing
  • Iron fences can be pet-friendly too

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Privacy fencing is very pet-friendly

Keeping a dog or any pet safe is the idea behind making a pet-friendly backyard. Be it a rabbit, dog, cat, or snake, you want to know that it will not be stolen.

Installing a privacy fence will help to keep your pet safe and you reassured.

We stock a wide range of privacy fencing. You have a choice of heights and designs that will suit any backyard style. Vinyl privacy fencing is simple to install and very low-maintenance.

A privacy fence will stop people from looking into your backyard. It will also stop a pet from being disturbed by what is happening outside. They are difficult to climb or jump over.

Privacy fences may solve a lot of problems.

Use Puppy Panels on the fence

If you have an iron fence or maybe a four-rail wooden one, then you will have the problem of pets slipping out when you are not looking.

Our Puppy Panels will solve that problem.

They are easy to install, and you can simply take them off if you ever move home. The tight mesh will stop the smaller pets from slipping through and escaping.

They can also protect a fence from a puppy’s teeth and nails.

Create paths with picket fencing

Pets love a path to lead from one part of the yard to another.

Picket fences are an excellent way to create a path or two. If you lay concrete or paving on the path, it can stop it from wearing away due to too much use.

Our picket fencing comes in different heights. You can install a picket fence on your own. They are also easy to move about the yard when you need to section off areas for regrowth.

A picket fence is very versatile.

Iron fences can be pet-friendly too

A good iron fence will keep your pets safe.

Installing one around the perimeter will keep the pets in, and the bad guys out of the yard.

Our stylish selection will add to the design of your backyard.

Accessories can improve to the look of the iron fence.

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