We get many clients looking for creative deck railing options.

At Fence Supply Online we love to discuss deck railing and to put a few ideas in the heads of our customers.

Our suppliers LMT produce a vast range of vinyl fence accessories, and we know the ones to go well on a deck. During a morning coffee session recently we got to talking about deck railing options, both the popular and the unusual styles. We came up with a long list, and plenty of accessories to suit everyone’s tastes. The experts handed over the list, and we put some of the best options into this post.

A list of creative deck railing options includes:

  • Vinyl post caps to show off the fence
  • Spindles catch the eye
  • Insert a picket scroll for more decoration
  • Add a little light to the deck fence

Let’s take a closer look at each deck railing option.

Vinyl post caps to show off the fence

A fence will look bare without a good post cap, and this option lets the deck designer get creative.

LMT has some lovely vinyl post caps which really show off the deck fence. The Ornamental post cap lives up to its name and adds style. It is available in black or white, which should suit most color schemes. The Gothic style is very popular and gives a robust, secure feel to the deck area. Pyramid style post caps go well along a deck and may match those on the garden fence too.

Choose a vinyl post cap for style and to finish the look of the deck fence.

Spindles catch the eye

Many of our customers use spindles and love the unusual look they give to a deck fence.

When looking for something creative, the choice in spindles will amaze you.

The Tapered Colonial spindle is in that old world style which most people love. A Belly spindle has a small bend in it, like a well-fed belly, and a row of them on your deck railing always catches the eye. Spindles offer something different from the standard rails and contrast well with the rigid posts.

Spindles are easy to fit and come in the standard sizes.

Insert a picket scroll for more decoration

Now we are coming to an accessory which really brings out the creativity in our customers.

Picket scrolls are very decorative and are simple to insert into the deck railings.

Many of our customers mix and match the scroll styles, using differing ones on each side, for a unique effect. The Sentinale scroll, the Royale, the Florale, and the Bordeaux will give every customer plenty of choices when looking for creative options.

Scrolls come in different sizes but all screw onto your deck railing.

Add a little light to the deck fence

Putting lights on a deck not only add style but they also open up the area for use in the evenings.

Lighting also gives an extra level of security and peace of mind to homeowners.

LMT has a wide choice of deck lighting, and they come in the form of post caps for easy fitting. A fence post adapter slips onto the post and the light clips into it. As the lights are solar there is not any need for running wiring or finding an outdoor power outlet.

Styles include the Ornamental low voltage light, the Galaxy solar, and the Ornamental Downward post caps.

The gentle light will invite you and the family onto the deck for a summer’s evening meal or fall barbecue.

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