Deck and Stair lighting

Deck fencing needs to be safe and secure.

You have it for a purpose, and there are standards for deck railing for good reasons. Each year in the US we have a lot of accidents due to people falling off decks and most of them are preventable.

If you do not have a deck fence, then now is the time to have one. They are mandatory in all states. It only makes sense to keep you, the family, and visitors safe when on the deck. A fall from the deck can lead to serious injury. You need to know about the standards and make sure you stick to them. If you are unsure about any element then call a qualified contractor. It is better to be safe than sorry.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of calls from clients asking about standards and we decided to draw up a set of guidelines. You should follow the instructions but also check the ones for your district.

The list of deck fencing standards you need to know about includes:

  • Minimum deck fencing height
  • What about the gap between the rails of the deck fencing?
  • The quality of your deck fencing materials is vital
  • Do not forget the stairs

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Minimum deck fencing height

There can be a little bit of confusion in some areas around the minimum deck fencing height.

If your deck is less than 30 inches above the ground, then you may not need to install a fence. We would still recommend you consider one, as though a fall may not be fatal, you could do serious injury to an ankle or wrist.

The minimum deck height for residential properties is 36 inches above the deck level. For a commercial or common area deck, the minimum height is 42 inches.

Stick to the requirements and keep the deck a safe area for kids and adults.

What about the gap between the rails of the deck fencing?

Unless you are going for a privacy style deck fence, you will have rails between the posts.

There are standards for the gap between the rails too.

You should not go more than four inches apart when spacing the rails. A good way of checking with an existing fence is to try rolling a four-inch diameter along the fence. If it slips through anywhere, then you have a problem.

When babies begin to crawl, they find these gaps.

Always keep the deck safe for crawling babies.

The quality of your deck fencing materials is vital

To follow the height and width requirements but then ignore the quality of the materials, is a foolish thing to do.

Always, always use top-grade, pressure-treated wood for the wooden deck fencing. Only use quality approved vinyl when choosing it for a deck.

Remember, people lean, sit, and fall against the deck fencing. You do not want it breaking under pressure.

You should also adhere to standards when doing the installation; if you are worried use a contractor.

Maintenance of the fence is essential too, and do not forget to follow an annual plan.

Do not forget the stairs

If you access the deck using stairs, then you will need a guard rail there too.

Follow the same rules on materials and installation.

The fence on the stairs should be a minimum of 34 inches from each step.

Installing stair railings can be a difficult task, so get advice when doing the work.

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