Decorative Iron Drive gate

Installing durable metal fencing for pools or privacy can be great for practical reasons.

Although some ornamental iron fencing can provide lasting beauty, it doesn’t always show your individuality.

You want your residence to fell more homely, so get creative when decorating your metal fencing.

Some options for giving your metal fencing some personality are:

  • Plant Life
  • Lights
  • Stonework
  • Backing Screens
  • Fence Finials

Plant Life

One of the best ways to soften the straight lines of a metal fence is with nature.

Planting shrubs, flowers, grasses or other ornamental plants stop the fence line feeling sterile.

Depending on your climate, you can plant dwarf grasses or bushier plants. Dwarf plants have the added benefits of easier maintenance and needing less water.

Larger plants have the added benefits of filling in the gaps for added privacy.

You can even plant hedges on either side of a metal fence so that they eventually make the iron fence invisible.


When you come home at night the lighting around your fencing can make it feel more homely.

You can install discreet up lights at the base of your fence to be less ostentatious.

If you decide on dwarf plants you can also supplement them with lighting. These lights make the plants visible at night.

Intertwining Fairy lights through the metal posts can give you an all year round festive feel.

Fairy lights can provide either one color lighting or alternating color schemes.

Your budget and your imagination are the only limits when it comes to lighting a metal fence.


Rather than mounting your metal fence directly to the ground, you can mount it on top of brickwork. You can intersperse brick pillars between the metal fencing and paint the brickwork different colors. Creative Ways To Decorate Your Metal Fencing

If you want to be really creative you could have personal murals painted on all of the brickwork.

Bricks can add to the square feel of a metal fence so why not use stonework.

Irregular or round shaped stonework can break up the patterns of vertical iron fence posts.

Backing Screens

As most metal fencing is coated with standard colors, painting the fence itself is not the best option.

Installing screens behind the fence can provide artistic shadows and allow for colorful options.

For pool fencing to provide more of an atmosphere you could add glass or Perspex framed panels behind the fence.

Mounting mirrors behind the fence can be discreet yet provide some distinctive effects.

Wooden Trellis mounted separately can provide lots of options. Painted green a trellis can provide some of the benefits of plants with less maintenance.

Painting the trellis other colors can provide contrast with the black metal frame.

Decorative laser cut screens can also be used to provide backdrops for the fencing.

Fence Finials

A lot of the standard fence section have square capped posts but you can change that.  Fence Finials are ornamental pointy options for the top of a metal fence post. Fence Finial

Finials can come in multiple forms from arrowheads and circular forms to more personalized options. Imagine having your own family crest on the top of each of your fence posts.

Finials offer you a discreet addition to your fence, not always apparent from a distance but stylish up close.

Decision time

Personalizing your fence with your own creativity is all about your vision. Whether you want to make your metal fence stand out from a distance or up close it’s up to you.

You don’t have to stay with a boring fence if you want to get creative.

Individualism is limited only by your imagination. If you want advice on metal fencing, contact someone with over twenty years’ experience, for a free quote.





Image: Source, Artak Petroysan