Choosing The Best Lighting Accessories For Your New Fence

“Our deck is looking like it needs some decoration,” a caller said to us the other day.

She went on to say that they love the new deck fence, purchased from Fence Supply Online, and wanted to finish the project properly.

Now decking and deck accessories are a bit of a favorite around these parts. Our experts know decorating your deck is a key part of getting one just right. End caps are one of our first suggestions, and plenty of our customers come back to praise them.

With this in mind we asked our in-house experts to come up with a few ideas on decorating the deck. The first in this occasional series will cover end caps and the choices available.

On the list of ideas for decorating your deck with end caps are:

  • The Gothic style is popular
  • New England Ball end caps look great
  • Consider solar lighting as an end cap
  • Coachman catches the eye too
  • Fitting end post caps is an easy task

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The Gothic style is popular

We find at Fence Supply Online that the gothic style is always popular.

There is something about it that appeals when customers are decorating their decks.

The Gothic style end post cap looks excellent at the corners of your deck. They will stand tall in contrast with the flat, pyramid ones you can use on the other fence posts.

We stock th Gothic style end post caps in 3.5” x 3.5”, 5” x 5” and in the 4” x 4” too.

New England Ball end caps look great

New England decks are a popular style with our customers.

There is something very summery about the idea of sitting on your deck and looking out on the view. Especially if you are sipping a cold drink and eating some fresh food from the barbecue.

The New England Ball end caps curve beautifully up to the round shape, which feels lovely in your hand when watching the sun go down from the deck.

We stock a few different styles and sizes, but there is bound to be one which appeals to you.

Consider solar lighting as an end cap

Is there anything that can decorate your deck, which is as eye-catching as a lighting accessory?

The solar lighting end cap not only adds plenty of style, but it also has a practical use.

Having the deck lit at night makes it much more accessible to you and the family.

It becomes a safe place for the kids and a beautiful spot for you on a fall evening.

Solar powered lighting is simple to fit, and there is no need for wiring or looking for power points.

At Fence Supply Online, we have all the solar lighting to suit your deck ideas.

The Coachman catches the eye too

How about a completely different style for the deck end caps?

The Coachman style is becoming popular with customers, and we have a selection in stock.

Why not take a look at our range? The 5” Coachman end cap comes in white or almond. The cap is made of vinyl and will last for many years.

The unique style will definitely catch the eye of friends and family.

Fitting end caps is an easy task

Often we get clients who want to retrofit the end caps.

They may have forgotten them when installing the deck fence or may want a change of style too.

The good news is that fitting end post caps is easy.

Our caps will fit all the posts we supply.

We also stock adapters if you want a particular style which does not fit your posts.

The adapters clip over the post and the caps slip into them.

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End caps are an essential part of the project.

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