Decorative fences protect your garden from wildlife and those neighborhood kids chasing a ball. Often too it is the neighbor’s cat or dog who does most of the damage.

We regularly get calls this time of year from clients looking for help.

“Those raccoons are digging away at the wife’s produce again” or “that rabbit is making a meal out of my lettuce, and I’m not happy.” These are some of the complaints we hear, but luckily we also have a few answers to the problems.

Sometimes when we suggest a decorative fence, the clients are a little surprised. Maybe they want to hear about the latest electric fence, along with a gun tower, to keep guard all day and night? The decorative fence can solve many problems, and protecting the garden is one of them.

Among the ideas of how a decorative fence protects your garden are:

  • The aluminum fence with puppy panels.
  • A privacy fence gives excellent protection
  • Keep rabbits at bay with a picket fence
  • Maintenance is vital on all fences

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

The aluminum fence with puppy panels.

Keeping a dog in, or out, of your garden is a major problem. The puppy can slip through thin rails with ease and dig around in the produce patch when you turn your back.

Our puppy panels will solve the problem, without taking away from the look of your fence. They are easy to install and block access to the dog. The puppy panels can also keep the rabbits and other small animals from feasting on the fresh salad leaves.

A great benefit of puppy panels is that you can take them with you if you move home.

A privacy fence gives excellent protection

A vinyl privacy fence can help with many problems around the property.

Are you having trouble with the neighbors taking too much notice of what the family do? Erecting a privacy fence will solve the problem. On the other hand, if you want to make a bit of noise around the pool, then a privacy fence will keep the noise under control.

Modern vinyl privacy fences are very decorative and come in a range of colors and styles. We stock products from BLACKline, which will not fade, buckle, or chalk under the summer sun. The vinyl privacy fence will look good through its long years of service.

The durable nature of American-made vinyl will keep wildlife of all sizes out of your garden.

A picket fence can keep rabbits at bay

Many people want to keep the rabbits out of the produce patch but want to do so in style.

The vinyl picket fence looks great on the property. It is easy to install and very versatile as a fencing product. You can erect it around the salad garden, and it will keep rabbits and other small animals from having a midnight feast.

The picket fence is what makes an American yard. You see them in movies and TV shows, and you know you are home when you see one in the yard.

Our vinyl range is low maintenance and keeps the rabbits off the produce.

Ranch fencing for large animals

If you live in a rural area, you may have problems with larger animals. Deer and other wildlife trample any growth and destroy a beautiful lawn.

Installing a decorative fence from our ranching range will help with the problem. A four-rail fence or a cedar split-rail will keep the deer on the right side of the backyard.

Wood and vinyl fences are easy to assemble and will serve your home through the years.

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