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A common question we get from ranchers and homeowners is ‘how much fencing do I need?’

Even the most experienced of clients ask the same question.

We must hear it hundreds of times a year

Well they’ve come to the right place at fencesupplyonline.com, as we know exactly how to help.

There are six parts to the puzzle of determining how much fencing you need and these are:

  • Length Of The Fence
  • How Many Fence Posts?
  • Rails
  • Fence Height
  • How Much Material Will You Need?
  • Gates

Let’s take a closer look to determine how much fencing will need.

Length Of The Fence

You’d be amazed by the number of people who call us up and say ‘I need to fence off the yard to stop the dog running off.’

When we ask ‘how big is the yard?’ they answer something like ‘Oh you know, the usual.’

This is no good to us.

Get an accurate measurement of the area you want to fence.

Then give us a call.

How Many Fence Posts?

Most fence rails come in 8-foot lengths.

So the rule of thumb here is a fence post every 8 feet.

If you are thinking of a different look, maybe a longer fence rail, now is the time to tell us.

Long ones tend to sag so be careful with your choice.

Get the accurate measurement of your property and divide the total by 8.

The answer tells you how many posts you need.

 2 rail wood fence

Rails And Corners

Now to figure out how many rails you need for the fence.

Are you going for single rail? Or maybe a double?

A general guide is two rails for a 4-foot fence and four rails for a 6-foot fence.

Whatever the style you will need to decide now, so that you can order the right amount rails.

To work out the number of rails, divide the length by 8 and multiply the answer by the number of rails per section.

So for a 400-foot, two-rail fence you will need 100 rails for the job. (400/8*2)

Remember to include corner posts in your calculations, as you will need them to connect the sides around your property.


Fence Height

Remember that you will need to bury 1/3 of the fence post for stability.

So the overall height of the posts ordered will need to be 1/3 longer than the height of the fence you decide to build.

People often get this wrong and try to compensate by not burying the posts deep enough.

Only one thing is going to happen here and it will happen during the next big wind or when the cattle lean against the fence on a sunny day.

How Much Material Will You Need?

The amount of fencing material you need will depend on the style and the type of fence you are planning.

Choose your materials carefully and go for durability and ease of maintenance.

A flat pack vinyl picket fence comes in molded sections, so it will be easy to know how much to order.

Lumber and concrete fencing products take a bit more calculation.

Whatever choice you make remember to order 10% more than you think you need, to cover mistakes and any damage done during the install.

If you have materials left over you can always store them away for maintenance.



Do not forget the gates as many people do.

Decide on how many gates you want and order them with the fencing posts and rails.

A gate for a walkway is often just 3-foot wide but 5-foot is becoming standard.

Animal gates are wider and ask us how many you may need, as well as the size, height and style you want on the property.

In Conclusion

Now have an idea of how much fencing you may want for your fencing project.

It is time to go about ordering the material to install that great fence on your property.

We are always on hand to help you with your decisions and our expert staff is available for a call today.

If you are still unsure about how much fencing you need then use our simple Draw it and Quote it tool to get a quote and our expert advice.