If you’re looking for fence materials, you should know how the different materials serve different needs. Of course, you should also think about your fencing needs, so you know which fence supplies will best suit you.

Let’s take a systematic approach to the different fence materials which fencing needs they’re ideal for.

Wood Board Fence
Wood is the classic style that everyone automatically thinks of.

  • The familiar look that wood offers.
  • The need for a reasonable up-front cost.
  • The need for privacy. Wood is very common for building privacy fences.
  • The need for a range of styles and colors. Just paint over your wood fence with the color you want.
  • Many issues and concerns with putting in the time and money for the proper maintenance of wood fencing.
  • Comfortable with the staining, treating and repainting of the wood for better protection against issues such as cracking.
  • Prepared to ward off and deal with insects and rotting as wood is susceptible to these.
  • You only need the fence to last a short timeframe. Less than 7 years.

Iron Fence
Iron fences are most notable for their durability and aesthetics.

Flat top iron fence

  • The need for strong protection against intruders or mother nature. The strength of this fencing material obviously plays a great role in the safekeeping function of fences.
  • The need for longevity. Wrought iron’s durability makes it an ideal choice for people who really want their fences to stand the test of time.
  • The need for simple maintenance. Iron fences are easier to maintain; its paint coat, for instance, wards off corrosion-causing substances.
  • The need to customize your fence design. Since iron is pliable, it can be shaped into incredible designs.
  • No issues with a higher upfront cost. Iron falls under the relatively median priced fence supplies category.
  • No specific need for privacy. The best iron fence designs won’t have bars that are stuck together. So this not the ideal fence material for a privacy fence.
  • An easy DIY project. Iron panels with brackets are easy to handle. So no need for a professional team to install.

Vinyl Fence
Ask any fence supplier, and they’ll tell you how popular this fencing material is.

  • The need for simple installation. It’s quite easy to set up a vinyl fence. So if you want to save up on your installation costs, vinyl will help you do that.

page 3 Privacy.jpg

  • The need for little maintenance. Vinyl fences don’t require regular maintenance. So if it’s important that you not spend a lot of your time and energy maintaining the fences, then vinyl is the way to go.
  • The need to get the classic wooden look without the troublesome upkeep or susceptibility to fungus and pest. PVC fence can look like wood, without the downsides described.
  • The need for child-friendly fences. The lack of splinters, nails, or screws, in vinyl, making it an excellent fence material to have around small children or pets.
  • No issues with a little higher up-front cost to avail the benefits described.

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So there you go. Now you how the most popular fence materials satisfy the different needs of homeowners. For more information, feel free to contact the expert fence suppliers Fence Supply Online.

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