DIY Fence Installs

Vinyl Fence

Here are some recent DIY fence installs that customers have sent pictures of their handiwork.

Jason S. near Houston recently installed his own vinyl fence.

“Guys thank you for all your help.  The fence turned out great.  Digging in the gumbo almost killed me at 63.  The main thing is the wife is tickled pink.  Thanks again, Jason S.”

4 rail vinyl installed Vinyl fence installed near Houston

4 rail fence takes a little more to install but with its 9-inch gaps between rails and 5ft tall height makes a more impressive looking fence. Jason followed our tips in the install video and came out with an amazing looking fence. Check out the top line in each picture. He nailed it! Measuring each post from the ground is fine for a starting point. But that will make a roller coaster look to the top of the fence.  Use a 2×4 and small sledgehammer to tap the post up or down to even out the top line. Think of it like rolling out dough making it smooth.

Crossbuck Vinyl Fence

This crossbuck came out great. This style of vinyl post and rail cost the same as four rail fence. It takes the same amount of material and gives a completely unique look to the property. One trick for the install is laying out the rails. There are two long rails for the “X” and 2 slightly shorter rails for the top and the bottom. Grouping the two short and two long rails at each section helps keep it standardized and there is no guessing or measuring to see which one to use.

Crossbuck 4 rail Crossbuck fence

Wrought Iron DIY Fence Installs

I always stand by my claim that Wrought Iron or Ornamental Iron fence from Fence Supply Online is the easiest DIY fence installs.

Every post is the same so there is no sorting at the beginning of the install. I recommend leaving the fence post about 2-3 inches taller than the fence so if you have to stair step the fence panel you have plenty of room.

Pressed point Iron Fort Worth

6ft flat top iron fence, ornamental iron fence, pool fence ironiron fence bracket

In the last picture, you will see the bracket system that slides into the rail and using a self-tapping screw and a drill or cordless impact gun mounts it to the post. So all it takes for an eight-foot section of fence is 4 brackets and 4 screws. Stand it up, balanced on a 2×4 for water and trash to drain underneath, and screw to the post. Tada! 8ft of fence completed.

DIY Round Rail Wood Fence Installs

Round rail requires a few more hands for help assembling the fence. I recommend a minimum of 3 with 4 being perfect. Set the first post to the finished install height and insert the dowled rails into it. Holding the rails with the next post in the open hole insert each dowel into the loose post. Start at the bottom hole and work your way up until all rails are firmly seated in the new post. Straighten and align the post with your string line so that it is in the proper place. then set that post with dirt, gravel, or dry concrete, your choice. Now a complete 8ft section is installed and ready to move onto the next repeating the same procedure. Note: Checking the height of the loose post before setting it is extremely important.

3 rail with domed post Round rail wood fence3 rail round wood installed