Blackline Privacy fence

Are you ready for a DIY install of a vinyl privacy fence?

Some people are wary of vinyl, not sure if it is for them or if they can do the install.

At Fence Supply Online, we have the experience. We know that doing a DIY vinyl privacy fence is not much different from any other material.

Vinyl, for the unsure, is sturdy. It will not fade or buckle under UV rays and is almost maintenance free.

Our experts came up with a few helpful ideas to get you on the path to success. We put them together for this post.

To install a vinyl privacy fence follow these steps:

  • Get your tools and materials together
  • Map out the fence area
  • Dig the post holes
  • Install the vinyl privacy fence posts
  • Assemble the vinyl privacy fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Get your tools and materials together

If you are a DIY enthusiast around the garden there is a good chance you already have most of these tools.

You will need an auger to dig the holes. A wheelbarrow to move the dirt, tools, and concrete; your shovel and other gardening tools and the vinyl fence notching tool. You may need tools such as a saw to cut and fit, as well as a measuring tape and builders line.

Contact your local fence supply company and order the materials you want for the project.

You will, of course, need the privacy panels, fence posts, fence post caps, and maybe a gate too.

Map out the fence area

A lot of DIY people forget this part of the project, with disastrous consequences.

They install the vinyl privacy fence on the wrong side of a boundary, which is not good for relations with the neighbors.

Another problem is not going in a straight line or not seeing possible obstructions in the way.

Get a map. Go out on your land and mark where the privacy fence will go and mark the fence post holes.

Do this part correctly, and the installation will be a more straightforward process.

Dig the post holes

After you get the map and mark out the fence post holes comes the time to get to work.

Using an auger, or other hole digging tool, remove the soil for the first hole. Before starting on the second post hole make sure it is in an exact straight line and at the correct distance from the first one.

Repeat the process along the line of the fence.

When you have the holes dug, place the fence posts along the path of the project.

Install the vinyl privacy fence posts

Installing the posts can be an easy job, but you may need an extra pair of hands.

Mix the concrete and fill the wheelbarrow. Use a wet mix, as you want the posts to stand straight and true immediately.

Hold the first post in the hole and with a spirit-level, make sure it is straight. Pour in the concrete and mix it in and around the foot of the post. Stir the concrete as its sets to remove any air bubbles.

Level it off on top and move on to the next post.

Continue erecting the fence posts until you have a long line ready for the panels.

Assemble the vinyl privacy fence

Unpack the panels of vinyl privacy fence.

Slot the first panel into the corresponding notches on the post. You will need to do this for both the top and bottom of the post.

Slide the panel into the notches on the other post and click them into place.

When you are happy with the first panel, move onto the second one, and continue along the fence.

Check from time to time that everything is straight and true with the fence.

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