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It’s a good question and one we get asked quite a lot at

Unfortunately, there is not a straightforward answer.

As we always say ‘if in doubt, find out’ when it comes to building regulations, as getting it wrong could see that fence coming down.

To make it easier for you to consider the following points

  • Get It Right At The Planning Stage
  • Does Your Fence Need Altering?
  • Who Should You Talk To About A Fence Inspection?
  • When Do You Always Need To Organize A Fence Inspection?
  • Who To Call For A Fence Inspection?

Let’s take a closer look at each of these points.

Get It Right At The Planning Stage

The planning stage is crucial for getting everything right on a fence job.

Your fencing supply company will be able to help you see if your plans will pass the building regulations. If you are using a contractor, they will know but ask them before any work begins.

A quick call to the local building official will tell you all you need to know about building a fence on your property. Many county offices will have the regulations online for you to consult when drawing up your plans.

If it looks that the fence will need an inspection, then arrange it as soon as possible.

Does Your Fence Need Altering?

Is that old fence falling down or do you fancy making a few changes here and there?

If the fence predates you being on the property, it may be an idea to consult the building codes officer before you do anything.

When altering the fence the county may want you to come in line with current regulations.

There may be codes such as materials used or paint colors allowed that will also affect how you work on the old fence. 

Who Should You Talk To About A Fence Inspection?

Go to the top.

If this is a DIY operation give your local office a call.

They will put you right on fence inspections and the codes you will need to follow on the job.

Do not take the word of a neighbor or a friend when you are dealing with building codes.

Ask your fencing contractor if you are using one.

When you have the fence in place call the office, but always call them at the planning stage too.

When Do You Always Need To Organize A Fence Inspection?

There are zones where you will always need to take care when erecting a fence.

Areas of historical importance often have a ban on fences or on materials used in the construction.

You will need to organize a visit to such a zone.

Another area that will need a fencing inspection is where a district is prone to flooding.

A fence can cause a change in how rainwater flows and will need to pass an inspection.

A building office may also require an inspection when a fence runs along the main thoroughfare or at the border between zones, where different rules will apply.

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 Who Organizes A Fence Inspection?

Usually, a building regulations office will tell you to call them when you have the fence ready for inspection.

When you are planning work on an existing fence, it may be up to you to call out the officials to do the inspection.

If you have a contractor on the job, they will call the office when finishing the fence.

You may also have the problem of an unhappy neighbor calling the office and then you may get an unannounced visit, which is never nice.

Call Us

If you are in any doubt about what to do, we may be able to help you see things that little bit better.

At we know pretty much all there is to know about erecting fences.

Give us a call and we can go over the plans with you and see what needs to go to the planning office.

We are always happy to give you a great quote and some good advice on that new fence.