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Barbed wire fencing does not feature in home and yard fencing anymore. It still has a use in agriculture and prison services though, and as a security measure for commercial buildings. The fencing works well as a deterrent, the sharp steel putting anyone off from climbing it.

At Fence Supply Online we get a few calls about barbed wire fencing. Customers ask if we supply it and can they use it on their property. We know the value people put in their fences and how much they like security around their homes.

Many of our calls come from ranchers who still look to use it around their farms

We asked our experts about barbed wire fencing and who uses it. They came up with a few ideas on where the fencing has a value and how to use it properly. After some more reading and research, we took the best points for this post.

Included for the piece on who uses barbed wire fencing is:

  • Barbed wire fencing has many uses on the farm
  • Security uses for barbed wire fencing
  • Similar options for home fencing

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Barbed wire fencing has many uses on the farm

Ranchers have many uses for quality barbed wire. When you have a lot of land to cover and control, then rolls of this fencing are easy to handle.

Keeping wildlife away from farm animals is a major use for the fencing on a ranch. Wolves, bears, and coyotes do not like the sharp barbs on the wire. Farmers put the barbed wire around produce fields too to keep rabbits away from the greens.

Breaking up a field into individual lots is simple with barbed wire. A significant advantage is that you can move a fence quickly, often from the back of a pickup truck.

Security uses for barbed wire fencing

The security benefits for commercial buildings is another obvious use for barbed wire fencing. Landlords and business owners use it along the top of walls or even existing fences. The barbs keep the bad guys from trying to climb the fence.

Prison services install barbed wire fences to keep people in and out of their institutions. The high-quality fencing is almost impossible to cut through or climb over.

Our military services use it around bases and to protect areas under their control. They keep stocks of rolls ready for use wherever it is needed around the world.

You also see barbed wire fencing around car lots and other open areas that are difficult to police.

Similar options for home fencing

If you are a homeowner and you need security, then take a look at our fencing options.

A quality, American-made vinyl privacy fence offers plenty of peace of mind. The height of eight-feet makes it difficult to climb. Modern vinyl is strong and secure, and people cannot see what is happening in your garden.

Iron and aluminum fencing offer security. You cannot cut through these fences, and they are difficult to ram or to climb.

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