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A vinyl fence does require some seasonal maintenance is the short answer. Maintaining any fence is one of the best ways of getting a full return on your investment. Keeping your vinyl fence looking as good as the day it went up is not, however, that difficult a task.

At Fence Supply Online we know a lot about vinyl fencing. We also know plenty about maintenance and how important it is to do it every year. Many of our clients ask us about vinyl fencing, and its benefits. One significant benefit is the low maintenance involved.

Over the morning coffee recently we put together a list of what maintenance you should do. There was a lot of arguing, but we eventually came up with a list. With so many great ideas on the list, we decided to put the best ones into a helpful post.

On the list of maintenance ideas for a vinyl fence are:

  • The better the quality, the less the maintenance
  • Washing the vinyl fence
  • Do an annual inspection
  • Add a few accessories

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

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The better the quality, the less the maintenance

As with most things in life, the more you spend, the more you get back in value. This is very true with vinyl fencing, where the quality comes with the investment.

Modern American-made vinyl fencing will not let you down. Our BLACKline range of fencing is ideal for those outdoor spaces which get a lot of hot, summer sun. The color in the vinyl fencing will not fade, chalk or streak during the hottest of days. The fence will look as black after ten years as the day you put it around the paddock.

Vinyl fencing does not crack nor break easily. It will withstand high winds and heavy snow. A vinyl fence does not need an annual stain, sealing, or a coat of paint.

Low maintenance comes with high-quality vinyl.

Washing the vinyl fence

Often the most maintenance you need to on a seasonal basis is a good washing of the vinyl fence. Usually, a power washer will get any dirt, dust, or dried-on leaves off the rails or privacy panels. You can invest in a quality washer or hire one from a local store.

If the kids have been busy doing their sketching on the fence, you may need to do a bit more. A cup of washing detergent in a bucket of warm water should be enough for removing any paint stains.

Washing the vinyl fence a couple of times a year will keep the dirt away.

Do an annual inspection

You should do an annual inspection of the vinyl fence. It should not take you long, but it may save you a lot of money.

Walk along the line of the fence. Check that all the posts are securely in the ground and not loose in the dirt or concrete. Put pressure on the panels and rails to ensure that they, too, are fitting well into the posts. Look out for damage from falling branches and do any repairs when you find them.

An annual inspection is vital for every fence.

Add a few accessories

It may not seem like maintenance, but decorating the vinyl fence keeps it looking good.

We supply a range of accessories and garden jewelry, which will add to the look of the fence. They are easy to install and are easy to maintain.

Installing a few each year will only make your yard look better.

A fence that looks good can only add to the curb appeal of your home.

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