When it comes to the hinges for your gate, size really is everything.

Choose the wrong size hinges, and you are choosing to go down the path of trouble.

With the wrong ones the gate may not close properly, it may sag, or even fall off the gatepost.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions around gate problems. A lot of queries come from using the wrong hinges. Over coffee recently our experts came up with a few tips on choosing the right hinge for a gate, after a lot of discussion.

The list of top tips for choosing the right size include:

  • Size is everything with hinges
  • Spring-loaded hinges are best
  • Not any old gate hinge will do
  • Weather-proof hinges only please
  • Do not forget the maintenance

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Size is everything with gate hinges

It surprises us how many people forget the gate when designing a fence.

When they do remember it is often only at the last minute, and haste makes waste.

You need the right size hinge to hold the gate. One that is too small or light will only fall off while the hinge which is too big, can damage the structure.

Buying the hinge at the same time as the gate ensures you get the right one.

Spring-loaded hinges are best

At Fence Supply Online we only stock spring-loaded hinges.

They make sure the gate is self-closing and not flapping in the wind.

A self-closing gate is mandatory on pool fences, where safety is a major concern

To keep livestock under control you should have spring-loaded hinges on every gate.

The gate will close smoothly behind you and lock into place until opened again.

Not any old gate hinge will do

Invest in quality and it will repay you for years to come.

This is very true when it comes to fencing.

There may be cheaper alternatives, but quality will not let you down. The hinge may be a small part of the overall fence and gate structure, but get it wrong, and there will be consequences.

Heavy-duty nylon hinges will last and keep your gate opening and closing for many years.

Weather-proof gate hinges please

Speaking of quality hinges one crucial consideration is that they are weather-proof.

The gate hinge will be out in all kinds of weather; heat, sunlight, extreme cold, rain, and freezing conditions.

You need to rely on the hinge, know that it will work, despite the weather and that it will not fall off after a couple of seasons.

Our heavy-duty nylon hinges withstand the worst of the bad weather.

Always use stainless steel screws when working on outdoor jobs. They will not rust and keep the gate hinge in place.

Do not forget the maintenance

We always tell customers to draw up a maintenance schedule for their fence, including the gate.

Every hinge should be lubricated each year, and silicone is the best for outdoor work.

Give the hinge mechanism a spray to keeping it working smoothly.

Also, you should tighten all screws, and if by chance a hinge is wearing away, then replace it.

Maintenance season is also an excellent time to clean the gate and check that nothing is stopping it doing its job.

Always clear snow and ice off a gate as the extra weight may do some damage.

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