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Does your neighbor’s fence bother you? If so, you can put up one of your own. Yes, that ugly or unwanted fence just over the boundary line need not bother you anymore. There are many options, and our few suggestions may get you thinking.

“That new fellow next door just put up a fence on the property line,” said a caller last week to Fence Supply Online. Our client was upset about the neighbor’s fence and was looking for ideas on how to hide it. We get calls like this from time to time and thought it was a good idea to help clients solve the problem. We asked our team of experts to put their heads together and work out a few solutions. While we want you to avoid becoming the next Hatfields and McCoys, we know you can take a stand too. The experts gave us a long list, and we took the best suggestions for this post.

Included on the list of what to do about the neighbor’s fence is:

  • Check the local laws around the neighbor’s fence
  • Build a privacy fence on your side.
  • Growing hedges and trees will hide the neighbor’s fence.
  • Ask them to take it down

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Check the local laws around the neighbor’s fence

If your neighbor puts up a fence on the boundary line without consulting you, there may be options.

Check with your local planning office about the laws covering boundary fences. The neighbor may have broken one or two when installing the fence. Often a call from a county official to the neighbor can solve the problem.

Your local Home Owners Association may have an interest in fences and fencing styles too.

Build a privacy fence on your side

When a neighbor’s fence is just too much to look at, try hiding it.

A vinyl privacy fence has many uses. One of them is hiding the view from your home or yard. The quality American-made vinyl fence will not rot or deteriorate, and there are many styles to choose from for your home.

The vinyl fence will block the view and give your family a bit of privacy in the yard.

Growing hedges and trees will hide the neighbor’s fence

Why not use a bit of creative thinking when dealing with the neighbor’s fence? A good gardener will always be looking for a sheltered space to grow some trees and shrubs.

The new fence may give you protection from the weather to get the growing off to a good start. Soon you will have a green border to block out your view of the neighbor’s fence.

Creative thinking can go a long way with border disputes.

Ask them to take it down

If you have a good relationship with the neighbors, maybe give them a call. Often a chat over a coffee or glass of wine solves a problem or two.

When they hear your objections, the neighbors may take down the fence. You can offer to build a new one, or alter the existing one, and share in the costs.

Good fences lead to happy neighbors.

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