Installing a fence is a gratifying way to spend the weekend.

Looking at the finished fence will have you smiling, while you to show off to friends and neighbors.

If you get it wrong, however, the evidence is there for all to see. A falling-down fence looks terrible and can be difficult to set right.

There are mistakes anyone can make when preparing to install a fence. Get the preparation right though, and your fence installation will be a lot easier.

Our team of experts at Fence Supply Online keep a list of mistakes they see time and time again.

We got a hold of that list and took out the big points for this post.

When preparing to install a fence, do not make these mistakes:

  • Burying the posts too shallow in the ground
  • Installing a fence on the neighbor’s property
  • Installing a fence without checking the building regulations
  • Buying inferior quality materials
  • Taking on a job which is too big

Let’s take a closer look at each fence install mistake.

Burying the posts too shallow in the ground

An essential part of installing a fence is to bury the posts properly.

Fences sag and fall over easily in the wind when the posts are not in deep enough.

The guide for fence posts is that they should be in at a depth of at least one-third of the overall height. Remember this when ordering, so you get posts suitable for the planned height of the fence.

Ask your fence supply agent for advice on the best posts for the fence installation project.

They should tell you the size, height, and suitable material to keep your fence up in all weather.

Bury the posts in a bed of pea gravel to ensure proper drainage too.

Installing a fence on the neighbor’s property

A classic, rookie DIY fence install mistake.

So many of our clients forget to consult the property map and start the install on what they believe to be their land.

One customer was finishing the project when he realized the fence was on his neighbor’s property. Luckily they could come to an agreement and share costs.

Always check the property maps and if not sure, ask an expert for their opinion on where the boundary line lies. When you are certain, mark out the path of the fence on the dirt, and follow it.

It is best to get this one right from the start.

Installing a fence without checking the building regulations

Another bit of paperwork to check, before you start the work.

Different counties have different regulations on what materials you can use on a fence.

What can go in the front yard often may not go in the backyard. Fence height can vary too. Access for emergency services to the rear of your house is vital.

If you have a pool, you will need to erect a fence. It is essential to follow the regulations around gates and materials when installing the pool fence.

It may only take a few minutes to check the building regulations, but it could save you a lot of time and money.

Buying inferior quality materials

Cheap building materials may be attractive when budgeting a project.

Investing in quality is a far better option, however.

Cheap materials will rot and fall apart quickly. At Fence Supply Online we only stock quality materials across all our lines.

Our black vinyl fencing products won’t chalk, warp or fade in the summer heat.

Always look at installing a fence as an investment, so invest in the best.

Taking on a job which is too big

Installing a fence is very satisfying.

If you take on a job which is too big, you may regret it.

Before starting consult with a contractor, to weigh up the options.

Getting the fence right is far better in the long run.

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