5 Surprising Benefits Of A White Picket Fence

We get clients complaining about annual maintenance, breakages, and deterioration, with their existing fences.

Durable vinyl fencing may be the answer to many such problems.

At Fence Supply Online, we happily recommend durable vinyl fencing as the solution.

Vinyl is still relatively new, and plenty of our customers are a bit distrustful of it. In fact it is now a top-quality product, which will not let you down, while looking good too.

To help convince people, we put together this post about how durable vinyl fencing can work on your property. Our experts outlined a few situations in which vinyl is the perfect fencing product.

The list of where durable vinyl fencing works best includes:

  • Prevailing winds do a lot of damage
  • The summer sun dries out the wood
  • Places where damp is a problem
  • Termites are eating everything
  • When maintenance is just too much

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Prevailing winds do a lot of damage

The constant wind, blowing against the fence will eventually do a lot of damage.

Posts weaken, the rails come loose and crack, and debris can break the fence, when blowing about in a storm.

Durable vinyl fencing can withstand a lot of wind and storm damage.

The impact inhibitors in modern vinyl fencing give it the strength to survive the worst of the winter storms.

Damage from the prevailing winds and storms will become a thing of the past when you install a durable vinyl fence.

The summer sun dries out the wood

A summer sun gives out a lot of heat, keeps us all happy, and makes our crops grow to feed us through the winter.

Unfortunately for a wooden fence, it can also do a lot of damage. The heat will dry out the wood, causing it to crack and split. The ice and snow during the winter will get into the cracks and make the damage worse.

Our BLACKline vinyl fencing will not suffer under the summer sun. The UV inhibitors and production process mean the colors will not fade or chalk. Even on the hottest summer day, your durable vinyl fence will not change.

Modern vinyl fencing does not buckle, warp or deteriorate during a long hot summer.

Places where damp is a problem

Sheltered spots can also be damp places.

The sun and the wind may not get in under the treees, to dry out the soil and wet air.

Damp cause problems to a wood fence. It will allow rot and fungi to grow and do the worst of damage to the structure.

Damp, wet and moist conditions are not a concern to vinyl fencing. The material is fully resistant to the rainy weather; all you will need to do is wipe it down from time to time.

Termites are eating everything

Termites love a wooden fence. They get in and eat their way through it, and you won’t know until it is too late.

The termites eat from the inside out, so the first sign you have of a termite problem is when the fence begins to fall apart.

Termites do not like vinyl. They cannot eat it, cannot get into the fence and cannot lay their eggs in it.

Durable vinyl fencing is a termite’s worst nightmare

When maintenance is too much

The only solution for a wood fence to all these problems, is an annual maintenance schedule.

Each year you will need to stain and seal the wood, fix the cracks and splits and also treat it for termites.

All of this maintenance takes a lot of time and costs you money.

When it is becoming too much consider the maintenance-free durable vinyl fence.

It will save you all of that trouble.

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