An arbor is an excellent way to make your garden more beautiful.

You can grow flowers, plants, and vines through them, giving a burst of color from spring to fall. Having an arbor at the entrance to the garden welcomes guests to your home. As standalone features, arbors are second to none.

“How easy is it to maintain an arbor?” asked one of our clients recently. His family is thinking of putting one in their garden but wanted to make sure they could care for it.

“Very easy” was our reply.

We talked it over during coffee later in the morning. Our experts have plenty of ideas on caring for fences and decks, and maintaining an arbor is not any different. Everyone had an opinion, and we wrote the top ones down.

On our list of easy ways to maintain an arbor are:

  • Install a vinyl arbor
  • Wash the arbor regularly
  • Clean off any stains or mildew to maintain the arbor
  • Check the arbor to maintain it
  • Trim the vines and keep an eye on the weight

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Install a vinyl arbor

This is always the number one piece of advice on our list.

If you are worried about how to maintain an arbor then vinyl is a simple solution. Modern vinyl products do not rot or deteriorate under damp, wet and cold conditions. The arbor will not fade, buckle or crack under the heat of the summer sun. Vinyl is also very durable, and impact inhibitors allow the arbor to withstand strong winds and damage from debris.

Vinyl is a low maintenance product, ideal for your garden.

Wash the arbor regularly

An arbor can gather dirt, dust, leaves, and twigs flying about in the wind, at any time of the year. The debris may not do any immediate damage, but an unclean arbor does not look good in the garden.

Gentle washing with a garden hose will do the job. If you do a clean down after storms or dry periods you can get the dirt off easily, before it dries onto the vinyl arbor.

Washing may not be as easy when you have vines growing through the arbor, but you will still need to keep it clean.

Clean off any stains and mildew to mantain the arbor

If you do not clean the arbor regularly, you may get a build-up of stains and mildew, especially after a mild, wet fall season.

If you do spot any staining or mildew, get working on it immediately.

A simple solution of washing detergent and warm water, around 50:50, will remove most markings. If you still have problems try using a stronger solution and maybe an old toothbrush or something similar.

Do not use bleach or any strong detergents.

They can do a lot of damage to the color and leave a more permanent stain on the arbor.

Check the arbor to maintain it

A part of any plan to maintain the arbor is to check for damages.

Do a simple check of the structure once or twice a year. Look for cracks in the vinyl and for any pieces that may be coming loose.

The joins may need strengthening or fixing back into place after a bad storm.

Make sure the anchor posts are strong in the ground.

Replace any broken parts as soon as possible.

Trim the vines and keep an eye on the weight

We recommend you grow vines and other plants up and through the arbor. They make for a beautiful feature throughout the year.

Keep an eye on the overall weight of the structure. If you live in a high wind area, remember that the vines could act as a sail and put pressure on the structure. The same can happen with heavy snowfalls.

Trim back the vines, so they do not catch the wind. Clear off any snow that gathers on the vines.

If you maintain the arbor it will stay looking good all year.

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