A wood fence is an excellent addition to any property.

It will always look strong, secure, and add value to your house or ranch. A wood fence is very popular with our clients, and we love delivering a new one to a happy home. Installing a wood fence does not take long, and the pride of looking at it will put a smile on your face every day.

Making a new or existing wood fence look more sophisticated is easy too. We get a lot of inquiries on how to smarten an old wood fence or how to brighten a new one. When one of our clients called recently asking about making his fence look more sophisticated it got us thinking. Over coffee that morning we came up with some good ideas, and a few from leftfield.

Our list of easy ways to make a wood fence look more sophisticated includes:

  • Adding some jewelry to the wood fence
  • Lighting always brightens the garden
  • Try some fence post caps
  • Rejuvenate the wood fence with a stain and seal

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Adding some jewelry to the wood fence

Adding a little bling will always brighten the wood fence.

At Fence Supply Online we have a large selection of garden jewelry, which will add sophistication to your fence.

Where you have a gap in the fence leading to the garden why not fit an arbor? These beautiful arched-top installations will catch the eye and welcome guests in style. In the summer you can have flowering vines brightening what was once just a blank space.

Our decorative accent selection gives you plenty of extras to attach to a picket fence. A Sentinale Picket Scroll is an excellent example of how to enhance to look of your wood fence with very little trouble.

Lighting always brightens the garden

Installing lighting on a wood fence can enhance security, while also adding an extra layer of sophistication.

We supply a wide range of lighting options, and there are styles to suit every taste.

The extra with our lighting choices are the solar-powered lamps. These are very easy to fit, and there is not any wiring to ruin the look of the wood fence.  The Copper Plated Prestige Lamp is one example of the sophisticated style we supply.

Soft lighting on a summer’s evening will make everyone feel at home in the garden.

Try some fence post caps

A fence post will look very bare without a cap to top it off.

At Fence Supply Online we advise customers to invest in fence post caps when installing a fence. If your fence is a little older, then do not worry as fence post caps are easy to fit at a later stage.

The styles will catch the eye, and you can keep it simple or go for a décor scheme to match your tastes. Matching the fence post caps with your solar-powered lamps will complete the sophisticated look.

Fence caps can also protect the posts from the effects of weather.

Rejuvenate the wood fence with a stain and seal

An old fence will quickly come back to life with an application of a good stain and sealer.

We stock Stain & Seal Experts products, which will give your fence a new lease of life. The shine of the stain and seal will look great in the summer and provide your fence with protection during the winter months.

A stain and sealer is simple to apply, and a regular maintenance coat will keep rot, mold, and mildew at bay.

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